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    Eu2 - 1.09

    Get it from

    It is recommended that you do a fresh install from your CD and then just apply this 1.09 patch. However it will work if patching over an earlier patch. We cannot garauntee that a save game from an earlier version will work with the new version though.

    ---- Changes done to 1.09 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    - Reduced the Habsburg/Spain bonuses for becoming Emperor significantly.
    - Each elector in the Holy Roman Empire, and is considered supportive, reduces techcosts and stability costs of the emperor of 1%.
    - A supportive elector (used for manpower, techcost and income bonuses) is now when they have relation >=100 instead of >125.
    - All new German potential states are now marked as electors.
    - Doubled the impact of grain producing provinces on the supportable amounts.
    - The building costs of shipyards now increase with 100 for each.
    - The building costs for conscript centers now increase with 250 for each.
    - Recoded how merchants get checked in multiplayer.
    - Refusing trade no longer gives a stability hit.
    - Each Trade Embargo you have now reduces your TE by 3%.
    - Monopolist in a CoT will not be automatically targeted first anymore.
    - Each monopoly now gives 2% in TE bonus.
    - Doubled the effect from serfdom on stability slider.
    - Increased technology cost by 10%.
    - Each vassal a nation has now has reduces the stability and technology costs by 2%. This effect is capped at 20%.
    - Guarantees and Warnings now last 20 years instead of 5 years.
    - Warnings now work for any country the warned nation declares war upon.
    - Dropped the cost of insulting to 1/10th of before.
    - Halved the monetary cost of Claim Throne.
    - Claiming a Throne now only drops your stability by 1 instead of 3.
    - Morale bonus from defender of faith is now +.5 instead of .15.
    - Corrected Centralization change in "End of Hundred Years War" event from -1 to +1
    - Corrected warship fire value for Nav tech 36 from 250 to 230.
    - Only the controller and not the owner of a province is now checked for whether that province is embargoed for traders.
    - An embargoed nation's trade income from a province is now multiplied by the controllers TE% and given to the controller.
    - Benefits from vassals now are depending on centralization, where at maximum centralization you don't get any cost reductions.
    - Being above the badboy limit now makes it more likely to get a civil war.
    - Every nation in a multiplayer game now gets a casus belli on anyone above the badboylimit, like difficulty very-hard for single player.
    - Increased badboy effect on stability costs.
    - Only Catholics in Europe or current electors may become emperor now.
    - All land adjacencies to Venice can now be blocked by a fleet in the sea next to it.
    - Trading posts no longer increase badboy when you annex a country.
    - Ahead of time penalty on technology costs are now quite a bit higher but kicks in slightly later.
    - The richness of ports now matters for naval support limit instead of just the number of ports.
    - Yearly Merchants affect naval support limit much more now.
    - Fleets can no longer flee in a chosen direction unless they got a good maneuver rating and succeed on a dice roll. This makes it possible to block access with fleets.
    - You now get manpower bonus from your vassals. Up to 50% of their manpower depending of how decentralized you are.
    - There is no longer a -1 centralization hit after annexing a vassal.
    - Added manpower and tax boosts to several Brandenburg and Prussian Events.
    - Brandenburg now gets cores on almost entire northern Germany when proclaiming Kingdom of Prussia.
    - Denmark now gets German culture if they choose Christian of Holstein, but for a heavy price.
    - You will no longer lose your vassals when you change religion.
    - You no longer get badboy for declaring war on human players if you have a cb, and only 1/3rd badboy of normal if you don't.
    - You now only gain benefit from vassals with the capital on the same continent as yourself.
    - You can no longer release vassals that only consist of trading posts.
    - Support limit in vassals or where you have military access or is in a war together is now much higher as you gain the bonus from fortress/barracks.
    - Sending missionaries to colonies & colonial cities on other continents is now significantly cheaper.
    - Each trade agreement now reduces TE by 3%.
    - Badboy from taking provinces off another player dropped to 1/3rd.
    - Exceptional years now only reduce inflation by 2%.
    - Tweaked historical years of economical techs 5 to 10 significantly.
    - Doubled income from looting.
    - Leaders of alliances are now leaders of alliances in wars as well.
    - The effect off trade efficiency on merchant placement is now gradually applied instead of just a 50% bonus.
    - Lowered base chance for merchant placement form 50% to 35%.

    - Fixed a crash with tag-changing
    - Fixed a crash with chatting after a nation has been eliminated in multiplayer.
    - Cuman can no longer revolt.
    - Fixed a problem with mod-dir in MP.
    - Made a slight fix to MP logic to fix one reason for lag-loans.
    - Corrected spelling of HOL and VEN colony names
    - Corrected death date of ENG leader Clarence from 1431 to 1421
    - Adjusted numerous provinces' icons to avoid obscuring the province name or to prevent overlap.
    - Correct Fort icon placement in early Minor cities
    - POR leader Diego de Senill renamed to Diogo de Silves
    - Corrected spelling of BOS monarch Vladislav
    - Corrected start and death dates for most KOR kings
    - Corrected spelling of 3 POL kings
    - Changed climate of three provinces in northern India from 8 (southern hemisphere) to 7
    - Correct attrition tooltip to 8% for desert, plus several other minor corrections and updates to tooltips
    - Fixed a problem with banning from alliance that may have caused a CTD.
    - Fixed a thing which caused occasional crashes with MP.
    - Fixed a crashbug with colonial revolters.
    - Finally tracked down and fixed the reason for building manufactories not always finishing building.
    - Fix duplicate ID in POL monarchs
    - Fixed the crashbug when scrolling between channels in VNET.
    - Fixed the Venice island adjacency.
    - Corrected Ahwaz to Awhaz.

    - AI is now smarter on trade agreements and trade refusals.
    - Vassals to human players will no longer ever sign peace with anyone that is at war with their overlords.

    - Added Austria as HRE to 1492, 1617, 1773 and 1795 scenarios.
    - Changed the province-cap from 1615 to 2020 provinces for modders.
    - Canary Islands is now part of Spanish Tordesillas, not the Portuguese.
    - Recoded the revoltrisk to not stack to the maximum date, but keep each revoltrisk for the separate duration.
    - Removed Lorraine and Franche-Comtť from National Provinces of French minors in GC
    - Corrected Known provinces for DAK, CHE, HUR, OHI and TIB in GC
    - Removed colonization bonuses from SWE and KUR in AoM
    - Fixed Capital for China in AoEn
    - Corrected relationship tag DEN to DAN for PRU in AoEn
    - Set Aristo = 9 in FRA in AoR to encourage the French Revolution to actually occur!
    - Removed Archangelsk as National Province for SWE in AoR
    - Set the Khanates (CHG, KZK, NOG, SIB, UZB) to Land 10
    - Regraded new DAN leader Otto Krumpen to rank 2
    - Added three new SAV leaders
    - Changed Karl XI to be a SWE leader from the age of 16, not 4!
    - Corrected TUR leader Kara Mustapha to live 1676-1683
    - Added Mughal governors as BGL "monarchs" to cover historical Mughal period for benefit of Bengal players
    - Changed weak UZB monarchs to excellent ministers, as they really ruled in the 1750s
    - Made Susquehanna Lenape culture and make Savannah Creek culture
    - Changed climate of Walata in Africa from snow to Tropical
    - Corrected galley setting for some Mediterranean provinces
    - Change random "English pirates" event from invalid province # 1389 to -1 (random province)
    - Add Anspach as a Minimum Province for GER, as it was only listed as a capital.
    - Added Samarkand to TOX, Granada to ALM, WŁrzburg to FRC, and Toubkal to NAF; these are all necessary to make the nations contiguous
    - Change capitals of SAV and NAV revolters to historically correct provinces, Piedmonte 404 and Bearn 425 respectively
    - Add straits graphic between Jylland - Sjśland and Sjśland - SkŚne to match actual terrain
    - Add text to POR Meuthen Agreement action names to make clear the player will become a vassal of ENG in Option A
    - Renamed Ural River to Ob and Irtych Rivers
    - Scottish provinces except for the Highlands are now anglo-saxon culture in the 18th century.
    - England no longer has the gaelic culture in 1773 and 1795.
    - Correct dates for Duque de Alba and Gustav III.
    - Monarchs for Polotsk should now work properly.
    - Added a blockable strait between Strathclyde and Ulster.
    - Added a blockable strait between Gibraltar and Tangiers.
    - Added a blockable strait between Calais and Kent.
    - Kexholm is now orthodox in the early scenarios.
    - Gave KNI core on Malta when they get it from SPA, and remove their core on Rhodes if they choose to become SPA vassals
    - Removed Maranhao from BRZ revolter to make its territory contiguous
    - Added fortress and bailiff to Finnmark in 1600 and all later scenarios (as they are there in the 1492 scenario)
    - Up populations of misc Spanish colonies from ~700 to 1,000 in later scenarios
    - All nations designated Whiteman = 100 in Fantasia scenario
    - Added in historical Spanish King Luis I who reigned for 9 months in 1724, when he died and his father (the previous monarch) ruled again
    - Correct mine values for 3 provinces.
    - Add port to Algarve (Sagres) and change city name to the correct capital, Faro
    - Remove port from Emilia (as there were and are none there)
    - Added in about 30 leaders for HEL (Switzerland)
    - Correct BAE entry in revolt.txt
    - Point MOS to RUS tactics info file info in Age of Exploration
    - Added the Azores to the POR ToT territory
    - Added Meath to known provinces for Austria in 1617.
    - Fixed adjacency for Karelia.
    - Added Provence to HRE.

    * EVENTS
    - Correct triggers on "build a great palace" random events
    - Changed effect of SCO #John Knox and the Religious Strife# event to implement Reformed religion, not Protestant
    - Added {exists = FRA} trigger to ENG #The Bank Restriction Act# event, as historically it required an anti-French coalition to exist
    - Added "exists = ENG" trigger to FRA #Eden Agreement# event
    - Fix ENG, FRA, HAB and SPA #Dutch Nobility Demand Estates# events
    - # Jean Parisot de la Valette now gives a fort at Malta, not a random province.
    - Triggers for the Great Palace event fixed.
    - Removed #St:Petersburg# event 3424 as being already triggered in AoEn, to allow historical move to St.P.
    - Corrected triggers of #The Dutch Revolt is successful!# events to point to correct "Repatriation of the Netherlands" event of each nation, rather than to the BUR version that they all point to now.
    - Moved DAN event #The Regency of J.H.E. Bernstorff# to 16 Jan to match history
    - Corrected dates in #Sir Francis Walsingham# event and #Sir Thomas Gresham's Currency Reform# event
    - Corrected #Jean Parisot de la Valette# event to give fortress in Capital, not Malta
    - Changed duplicate EVENTNAME to EVENTHIST in several NIP events
    - Changed option B of SWE #The Great Army Reorganization# event to give -1 VP instead of do nothing, as the empty tooltip confused players
    - Correct action_c name from ACTIONNAME3386B to ACTIONNAME3386C in TUR #The Reforms of Kemankes (Kara Mustafa Pasha)# event
    - Added trigger so that CYP has to be vassal of VEN for Venice to inherit it
    - Changed HAN to CHIHAN culture in one Manchu event
    - Spanish State Bankruptcy event 3164, dropped inflation hit from 15% to 10% as it has more severe effects now.
    - Reduce size of Inflation hit in all events due to its worse effects now
    - TUR "The 1st Celali Uprising" event 3370 added religion != shiite trigger
    - TUR "The Great Naval Reform / Imperial Halic Shipyard" event 3367 added ownership of Thrace trigger.
    - Restored "flagname" command to ENG Act of Union event
    - Remove 478 Smyrna from conversion to Shiite in option C.
    - "Turko-Persian Conflicts" event as it was Orthodox until the 1920s.

    * MISC
    - Revised looks of ITA and HOL flags/shields.
    - Revised icon positions slightly.
    - Spellchecked a lot of stuff in the game.
    - Changed to another internal directplay protocol to decrease latency.
    - Changed the tag for Han culture to "chihan" to not confusing it internally with the tag for the country Hanover.
    - Just peeking at religion sliders without changing will no longer cause revolt checks after the first change has been done.
    - Improved checksum checking for multiplayer games.
    - Moved straits definitions to a moddable file. map\adj_defs.csv
    - Exported HRE, Spanish ToT & Portuguese ToT values to province.csv
    - Added JUCD75_5_Anonymus (Gaudete), which was present but unused, to 15C music file
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