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Thread: The French Empire (Made in America)

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    The French Empire (Made in America)

    Sadly, I don't have any screenshots of this war.

    A long long time ago (this specific game anyway), I was lan-ing HoI2 with two friends and we chose to play as North America. I was the USA, and my two friends were Canada and Mexico; it was the 1936 campaign. Now let's get to the interesting part. Germany was all historical up to this moment, it does everything it needs to do, it conquers Poland and gives half to the Soviets. However, soon after, the USSR declares war upon Germany. The Red Army overruns the German empire in a couple years, being the only country doing any actual fighting with the Germans. The Allies simply sit, and I sit apart from them, researching for my ultimate goal, superheavy tanks. well, and everything else, but that's not the point. The point was that I wanted superheavy tanks. Anyway, I randomly decide to join the Allies, so I do and Germany immediately surrenders, ceding its last three provinces (Aachen, Essen and another one, can't remember) to me, I'm not quite sure why. By this time it was 1943 or thereabouts and we decide just to kick back and relax for a while. Two years pass before we decide to go all gung-ho on the USSR. And so we do.
    I still didn't have superheavy tanks yet, but I had decent tanks anyway and I created a force of 21 heavy tank divisions, each with a light tank brigade attached. Canada builds infantry and Mexico is generally worthless. Our first assault against the USSR is an utter failure. In a single campaign, I sent out three armored spearheads of 12, 6 and 3. 12 go rushing off across Germany, bashing all Soviet divisions out of its path. However, its supply corridor is cut when its in Poznan, it sadly fails to make the symbolic gesture of conquering Warsaw before being obliterated. My spearhead died somewhere else, I can't remember where. My third, and smallest, tried to reach the Ploesti oilfields so that it could supply itself, it also failed and was destroyed in Hungary (the USSR had conquered all of Germany's allies as well). My allies had tried to push forward behind my utterly reckless spearheads but failed to make much headway, some 40-50 infantry divisions were cut off in Munich and would sit there for a long time. The rest of my Allies' divisions were dedicated to holding the French border, my German territories were conquered by the Soviets.
    By '45 I'm ready to renew the assault, I have 40 divisions of my precious superheavy tanks. They cross the Atlantic quickly and unmolested, as nothing can get my the massive British armady that's patrolling around the North Sea. Again, I have 3 armored spearheads but this time they're going side-by-side cutting a swath 3 provinces wide through Germany. I reach the Danish southern border and turn westward, turning west Germany into one enormous pocket. It is liquidated, the Soviets lost over 150 divisions. While I'm doing this, my Canadian and Mexican allies (yeah, the Mexicans finally entered the war) battered at the 80 Soviet divions preventing them from linking up with their trapped comrades in Munich. Finally, they break through and another 80 Soviet divisions are annihilated. From west Germany we battered against Czechoslovakia, but the mountain fortresses of the Czech border provinces hold up our advance for months. I drive forth, bypassing Czechoslovakia, simply sending them forward, encircling and crushing all Soviet divisions in my path. the Canadian and Mexican infantry struggle to catch up, especially after the long detour to liberate Czechoslovakia. My tanks cross the old Polish-Soviet border, one spearhead going toward Stalingrad, one toward Moscow and one toward Leningrad (sound familiar?) This time, the invaders are victories. Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad, they were all captured and the infantry that followed plugged any gaps in the front lines. Japan by this time has declared war on the USSR as well and conquered Konigsburg for whatever random reason. They become a European power by taking this single province.
    After the fall of these three major Soviet cities, they still refrain from surrendering. By this time their number of divisions, once numbering over 400, were down into double-digit numbers only. Getting annoyed with micromanaging my tanks (whose commanders keep randomly dying, as one of my friends said, of heart attacks that they were actually defeating the USSR) whose armies had grown from 3 to over 3 dozen, I simply told them to drive forth to the Soviet provinces on the Pacific, where the Japanese happened to begin holding a raiding party and conquered much of the Soviet Pacific shoreline. My first tank division is destroyed one province from Cheng-du. Two others are destroyed in the course of the rush eastward. Sadly, the Americans never saw the Pacific ocean from the Soviet shoreline. The USSR ceased to exist as of early December, 1947. And thus, the French Empire was born, spanning from Bordeaux in the west to nearly as far east as Anadyr. France owned Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Baltics, the *entire* USSR save for a dozen or so provinces the Japanese conquered, Tannu Tuva and Mongolia.
    Conclusion: in a six-month campaign throughout Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland, 40 superheavy tanks supported by 150+ infantry divisions destroyed over 350 Soviet divisions without the loss of a single division. The entire 2 yer campaign cost only 3 superheavy divisions, due mostly to failure to care for their welfare once it didn't really matter any more. And France was the only winner. And it was made in America, as it was American superheavy tanks that conquered France its enormous extension of territory. It was a hell of a war.

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    hehe, quite funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myth
    And France was the only winner...It was a hell of a war.
    cool ! ! ! i LIKE France, so i like the "AAR". this just shows how important three "strange" provinces could have been.
    B an 0:-), make someone happy, :-) GhostWriter :-)

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