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Special thanks to Mueller and AVN for their work on testing and documenting some of the 1.08 changes.

Your Chance of success colonization is calculated as follows:
Base Percentage = 100
-Colonization Attempts Modifier
-Difficulty Modifier
-Year Modifier
-Climate Modifier
-Culture/Religion Modifier
-Number of Colonies Penalty
+Conquistador Bonus
+Other bonuses

The Maximum Chance is capped at 95% so values above 95% become 95%.
The minimum Chance is 1% so values below 1% are set at 1%

Colonization Attempts Modifier:
20 - number of colonization attempts
The minimum value of this modifier is zero.

Difficulty Modifier:
DM=(Aggressiveness of natives + Colonization Modifier) * 4
Aggressiveness of Natives (Native tolerance) and Colonization Difficulty Modifier can both be found in provinces.csv. If no Natives are present for any reason then Aggressiveness is set at 0.

Year Modifier:
For expanding existing colonies this value is set at 0.
For new colony attempts the value is:
25 - integer((current year-1419)/8).
After 1619 this value stays at zero.
Laymans terms:
This value starts at 25 in 1419 and decreases by 1 every 8 years, until it zeroes out in 1619. So for example it's 15 in 1500 (a big time for early colonization).

Climate Modifier:
CM = 10 if Climate = 4 or 6
CM = 0 for all others.
Note: Nations who's capitol has a climate of 4 or 6 are exempt from this penalty.
Climate can be found in provinces.csv.

Culture/Religion Modifier:
C/RM =
5 if province is not your state religion.
8 if province is not your state culture.
13 if province is not your state religion and culture.

Number of Colonies Penalty:
For expanding existing colonies and for founding new olonies that have a land conection to the capitol this value is set at 0.
For new colony attempts with no land conection to capitol the value is:
5 * (Number of colonies the colonizing country have - administration value of the monarch of the colonizing country).
Layman terms: You can have as many unfinished colonies as your ADM skill. Past that, there's a 5% penalty for every additional one. To see ADM skill, hover the pointer over the Trade or Infra slider in Budget pane. Ledger p. 32 shows all colonies."

Conquistador Bonus:
CB= 5 times their Movement rating.
Note: Explorers can add their movement rating x5 if in port in the province. But obviously that cannot be done on the first attempt at colonizing as no port exists yet. Also the bonuses are not cumulative, It takes the higher of the two values.

Other bonuses:
+ [integer (production efficiency/10)]
+5% if province already contains a Trade Post of any level.
+4%/Level of existing colony.
+5% as Adjacent settlement bonus if the province borders at least one of your TPs or other colonies.
-5% as Isolated settlement malus if the province does not border at least one of your TPs or other colonies.

[So effectively there is a 10% difference between colonizing a province that borders one of your Tps or colonies and one that does not.]

Factors NOT affecting Colonization Success:
1.Number of natives do not matter. 100 or 10000 no difference.
The exception is if no natives are present because they were killed off, or there is a native uprising going on and you lose or flee from the attack (There is a 2 day window where it counts no natives present, this can be exploited by going into a province and inciting the natives then fleeing, then send a colonist at the higher chance of success. This is even better if you had a Conquistador leading the army since you would still get his bonus for being in the province even though he is on his way out after fleeing the battle). Then the Aggressiveness of Natives is removed from the DM calculation.
2. Your Monarchs Diplomacy and Military ratings do not affect colonization success.
3. Which nation you play. (National Bonuses were removed in 1.07+)
4. Stability does not effect your Colonization Success.
5. Having a neighboring Centre of trade.
6. Difficulty level.
7. Tech levels except indirectly.
8. Other nations armies currently in the province have No effect.
9. Your own nations army in province without a Conquistador, Before or after first colony is established.

Colony Size:
Level 1 = 1-199 population
Level 2 = 200-299
Level 3 = 300-399
Level 4 = 400-499
Level 5 = 500-599
Level 6 = 600-699
Level 7 = 700-799
Level 8 = 800-899
Level 9 = 900-999 (if population reaches level 9 any natives left in the province will join the colony and add their numbers to the population.)
Colonial City = 1000-5000

CRC does not recognize Catholic as same religion.


Does the Colonization attempts penalty also apply to upgrading existing colonies?
Is there still an isolation penalty?

Lots of mistakes I am sure and nothing is double checked.
I suspect there may be some +/- mix ups but the basics are here they just need to be fine tuned.

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