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Thread: Historical Improvement Project

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    I hope so too.
    I really love HIP it is the best mod out there!

    Any idea when you guys might be close to finishing?
    (O.o )
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    Me too...can't wait to see what improvements have been made!

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    Playing latest version, getting a CTD in August 1940. I can't tell what event(s) are causing because I only get a brief glimpse before the game crashes.
    Robert Glaub

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    Any updates?
    (O.o )
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    Is there a way to limit the number of units the soviet AI can redeploy. Currently the russians are being overrun, yet have seem to have a vast army in SR pool, and a huge force on the Japanese frontier. I wish to limit the russians in the number of troops they can redeploy in the hope that the AI will behave.
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    Sorry for the long delay for this message.

    All work on this MOD by me is halted. I don't know what Loki is still doing for it, but my personal work is done for it.

    Any further improvement is impossible due to the following reason.

    HIP has reached a status where only a massive overhaul was ever considered by me. For that the following things are right now missing:

    - Support.. although continuously asked for, we didn't find anyone willing to put a lot of work in this mod and a massive overhaul with 2 people, both busy (and especially me very very busy in my last two years of study, working on one other major project which I already had to put on hold), is impossible. We'd need at least 2 people for graphics, at least 3 people for historical research, 2 people for scripting and 2-4 people for general stuff, and even then it would probably take 6-12 months to complete the work.
    - All work as intended remains totally impossible as long as the country = TAG command is buggy and not working. As long as that command is not fixed, most major overhaul is simply impossible because switching countries cannot be done. That rules out many major historical things we planned to do, some of which are essential.

    So I'm sorry to say this, but you're stuck with HIP as it is. HIP will only be reactivated if massive help arrives and I mean massive.
    HIP would need a 10 man team, and I mean team. Not people who produce 1 or 2 events or make some suggestions or make 3 flags or something like that. It would require 6 months of continuous work of around 5 hours a week at least to get this under way again, and the bug of that one command would have to be fixed by Paradox. As long as that isn't possible, forget about any further development in this MOD. HIP has been from the beginning a 1-2 man job and it's incredible how far it made it with 90% of its credit still going to PantherG, who retired quite some time ago because he already thought HIP was satisfactory. Me and Loki tried to push it further but at least I soon realized only a massive overhaul would bring HIP anywhere further than minor updates and corrections. And that simply cannot be done anymore by 1 or 2 people.
    I still wanted to try but then ran into the country=TAG bug issue which completely ruined like 50% of my plans for the MOD, which frustrated me to a degree I cannot describe, forcing me to abandon all work and concentrate on the second project which has the benefit on being based on a released source engine, where I can fix bugs, instead of being frustrated by them.

    So if you want to see HIP back alife again, keep pushing "fix this" messages in the dev's direction and after they have fixed it (unlikely from what I can see by now), offer help in great numbers and in great ammount.

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    Just saying Thanks

    KeldorKatarn and the HIP Team,

    Though I'm a bit sadden by the suspension of this module, I would like to thank you and the HIP Team for many many enjoyable gaming hours.

    You and the HIP Team really made a great Mod (In many ways the best out there!)

    If things change and there is a renewed interest to releasing another version of HIP, please accept my humble offer of assistance. I don't really visit this forum as much as I use to so feel free to email me at tfino@srpcs.com if the need arises.

    Thanks Again!

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    As I said, any further development (if a workaround for the buggy/unsupported country = TAB command could be found), would require massive help.

    The overhaul would have included a complete remake of the map (now that an editor is in the works, if all breaks I'd have written one now that someone who understands the source files for the map can be found), a complete remake of all historical events, a complete overhaul of the economical and trade system (too many small and minor countries ended up with no ressources and too many majors ended up with huge stockpiles), a complete overhaul of all ministers and elections in democracies, an at least minor overhaul of the tech trees (complete overhaul of the doctrine trees).
    Creation of scenarios for the years 1936, 1939, 1942, 1945, 1948, 1951, 1954, 1957, 1960 (usually 1st January, possibly other date)

    The overhaul would start with map and economy and other global time independent changes.
    Then the rest, ministers, events, techs, would be done on a year by year basis. which means, every year is made complete before a new one is started.
    1936 would be playable 100% full features minus final beta testing before anything in 1937 is touched. This would include countries, AI and everything else. This would possibly have caused an episodic release for each scenario with the end date set to the next unfinished date. So the first released scenario would only be 1936 and run until 1939 (boring maybe but from then on it'd get better.

    This way things would be focused and it would be easier to balance things and keep an overview for each year which previous events/happenings would have to be checked to make new ones based on them. The event tree would grow in width every year and no decision made by the player would lead to a dead end without events.
    It would also be a must to have at least 1 event per month for every single country, even if not very game changing. There is never a month in a country's history in which nothing woth mentioning happens.

    For each year that starts a new scenario (mentioned above) there would have to be OOB of course.

    As you can see, this would require a huge load of research and implementation work.

    This cannot be done by 1 or 2 people, neither can it be done by 5.
    For the research alone we'd need 1 person for each major at least, one person per continent for the minors at least and at least 5 more people for additional research and 5 people for scripting and 2-5 people for graphical and other minor stuff.

    So if you can round up a reliable 20-30 people team, call me and we can talk about it...
    development would realistically take about 3 years then.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Would anyone care to update the Wiki page for this mod?

    Any additional details about why this mod is special, why people should use it, etc, would be great. Screenshots would be even better. If you don't like using the Wiki, feel free to send me the info. Finally, it would be great to get your take on how this mod compares in the Mod Matrix:
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    I'd like to try this mod but download is not working. Is there anyone (one of the authors perhaps) who could upload somewhere or send me the latest version, pls ?

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    This was a good mod but the a-holes who ran it walked away after refusing to upgrade to Armageddon...
    Robert Glaub

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    Can someone reupload this mod somewhere please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba91873 View Post
    Can someone reupload this mod somewhere please ?
    http://www.rapidshare.ru/1195522 for Arma 1.2

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    what happened to this mod?

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