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    Extremely good and extremely useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adaptation
    Production queue:5HQ RIGHT NOW IN MY GAME

    Thats like...woa.My comprehension of the HQ unit is total,full,i got the full conceptual meaning of it.Thx,you just answered probably one of my biggest question about the HQ unit

    Now could you teach mathematics like that to me?or teach my teachers how to teach like that?
    HQs are useful but I only have 3 in the game as Germany (1 original, 1 from Anschluss, and one I built myself). 5 HQ sucks in a lot of resources (you could build 40+ infantry divisions for the price of 5 HQs). My HQs only operate in areas where there is an armored fist (40+ divisions) that will break the enemy line. Areas where I'm only holding ground do not have HQs near them... not that matters because no one dared to attack these defensive troops, the enemy is too busy having to deal with my armored fists.

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    Great work!
    And I also second that this thread should be stickied! Use a title like: "The lazy man's way of conquering Poland in two weeks", or so.

    Plus it shows that the AI definitly builds too little HQ units! (in the '44 Scenario Germany has a dozen or so HQ's!)

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    Good work!

    Very good info, keep posting.

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    great job

    Czar 1111, GREAT WORK!

    I am only half way through your AAR and already I urge whoever is responsible for this forum makes it a sticky.

    I don't know how much time you spend to create all those drawings and thinking, but thanks a bunch for your effort!

    It is because of people like you that makes this forum better, makes HOI2 worth playing, makes World Wars worth fighting....oops, look I've gone too far

    Again, thanks for showing us how battle planning really is no longer a myth in PC strategy gaming!

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    That's certainly an excellent explanation of how they work, a real nice job
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    You may also want to put this good explanation in HoI 2 wiki .
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    Wow, is this definately accurate? I've been wondering what it meant when it says "adjacent"... if this is true, I am very happy.

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    Reading that made me feel like I was in some military school with a top class field marshal telling us how to win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil K
    Nicely done, Tsar. Now where is the missing #3 pic?
    Thanks Phil,

    You mean the missing battle plan? and again!

    Could not reply to your PM as your mailbox is full:

    RE Stony Road counters - Will do. I also got the German WWII counter set which may appear in my next offering.

    For those that don't have it - awesome.

    Currently writing up notes on lessons learned in the "Phony War" with regards to Air units (I got hammered the first time around ).

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    Thanks, Csar.

    I'll empty my mailbox now.
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    Excellent post. I've built four HQ units, mainly for Barbarossa i.e. lots of units over a wide area, but I'll now think of the overlapping areas of command and lines of attack a lot more.

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    Hmmm, as if they AI needs a better ass-whuppin...

    HQs are so devastating, it will be interesting to see people limit themselves to the number of army gruppes that the Germans used, say for Barbarossa. North, Center, and South. Three HQs in a sense.
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    Funnily enough, Phil, that's what I tried to do, with one extra for the Afrika Korps!

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    people like you should have been the people designing the manual.

    Very nicely done.
    Also a side note to Paradox, adding this feature gives the game another huge realism feel.

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    Great explaination using the pictures etc. This is how I've been using Hqs for a while now. I tend to try and play historically where possible unless something in the game goes unhistorical from an event. As Germany I personally think you need to build at least 6. 3 for Barbarossa, 1 to be kept in France, 1 in Norway and 1 for Africa theatre. Then if you invade another major nation e.g. England have 1 there also. I know it takes up a lot of resources but I think this sort of helps to restrict the player in a more historic kind of way by. Obviously you could argue you don't need them in Norway, france or other inactive fronts but I feel it's more realistic. I guess though it depends on what type of game you want to play.

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    Just a small addition to your excelent little FAQ. Although I think what I'll say is more specific for Germany, could be used by any major with some modifications.

    After you research the Kampfgruppe doctrine (hopefully before Barbarossa) and have that new HQ model, IIRC an HQ with Engineer brigade will have the same speed as improved tanks with self-propelled (A or AT) brigades. It would be nice to attach one HQ to an spearhead panzerkorps (under von Manstein, Hausser, Guderian or other competent leader), since it will give all HQ bonuses even when you quickly expanded deep into enemy territory, far away from your leg infantry. Plus, your HQ will hardly take much damage.

    There is also no problem grupping HQs together with other spearhead korps, even leg infantry (except when you do amphibius assaults, because of the 3-divisions limit without penalty). Just consider wheather it's more useful to use it right in the advancing frontline or behind it, depending on the situation (and, of course, the number of HQs you have).

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    great work, really showed me how valuable battle planning and HQ's are.

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    Had no idea HQs were so effective!

    If only Ethiopia could build them, or even had the resources to...
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    Helpful thanks! I didn't know the range of HQs extended so far!

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