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Thread: Problems / Bugs Invasion Irland/Belfast, Paratroopers

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    Problems / Bugs Invasion Irland/Belfast, Paratroopers

    Version 1.1
    Date 1942/1943
    Side: German

    Invasion of Irland / Belfast ...
    Cant make an Invasion on Irland or Belfast. Ships allways drive to the other side but dont land. I can select invasion but the ships only drive to the otherside of the Isle. England and Norwegen worked well.

    I cant use the paratroopers. At the moment im using them as normal Infantry. I have know Paratroopers 41 and ARADO232 Transportplans. Selecting Unit, Uploading them on the plans ... and the only thing i can do is nothing or airsupply. Organiszation is full. A Bug or am i doing something wrong? I thought maybe i cant do it with Tante/Ju and the older Inf. But know i still cant use them.

    Some solutions?



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