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Thread: Khwarizm (MES)

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    Khwarizm (MES)

    Mongol Empire Scenario, of course, on normal/normal.

    Khwarizm has some good events, added cores and such, and is destined for domination of the Persia area, at least until about 1220 when the Mongols will probably destroy me. In fact, several pages of my event file relate to my empire's imminent collapse. But who knows. Commanded by a human, they may survive.

    1150 - That's me in the black. Turkomen and Turkish culture. The highlighted areas denote other state culture areas not under my control...yet. The large blue region is my suzerain, the Seljuk Empire. We'll see about that. Diplomatically, the light yellow Qara-Khitai have claims on my land, while I have claims on the golden Karakhanids, who happen to own the Samarkand COT and turkomen-culture provinces. Lucky them.

    1151 - My first action was a quick little war with the Karakhanids. I couldn't force-vassalize because they were already vassals to the Seljuks. I got Bukhara, though. This prompted the Qara-Khitai declaration of war. Bad move.

    1152 - Strange things are afoot in the Seljuk Empire. An event prompted them to fall to pieces, releasing the Hamadan Seljuks in dark blue and Kerman in grey. Their stability drops and rebellions break out. Looks promising. But I'm currenty occupied.

    1155 - I get 6 provinces from the QK, and most are only colonies so I only get 4 BB out of it. I tried to force-annex, since they are pagan, but it wasn't an option. No force-annexing pagans in the MES? Oh well. Then I see that Tadjikstan is a gold province, as is the Seljuk capital. They are defintely on my hit list now.

    1157 - Then a surprise (since I had yet to read all of the event file) when the Seljuks cut me loose. Honestly, my feelings were not hurt. In fact, this may prove a good opportunity to get at that gold province.

    1157 - Simultaneously the Seljuks released my new neighbor Transoxania. Sadly for them, they have provinces I already said I wanted! It's nothing personal. They just have the bad luck of being anywhere near me.

    1157 - Now that I am no longer a vassal, I get an invitation from the Ghurids. They have claims on their neighbors, so hopefully they can get me into some more wars.

    1158 - 6 months later we go to war on the Seljuks. Their capital is already held by rebels, so it is a quick war.

    1158 - That's a good event. Especially since the rebels had overthrown their government only a month before and they currently had 1000 troops. It would be another short war.

    The Ghurids picked up an unfortified territory from the Seljuks, dropping them to one territory.

    1158 - Honestly, I don't see what the hell they think they are doing. Don't they remember what happened the last time they messed with me? I refused.

    1158 - That was unexpected. I mean, defeated me with what? Sand?

    Only 4 months later, my allies defied their peace agreement and declared war again. I hesitated. There would be a -5 stability hit for breaking the peace agreement (I thought), but on the other hand, it was a state culture province with gold in it! I went for it and there was no stab hit. I guess that only happens when you initiate the war yourself. I annexed them a few months later (I had a leader and my ally didn't, so the 1000 cavalry I sent got the credit).

    1159 - A few months later the siege of Herat finished, triggering the inheritance of Transoxania (AKA Khorasan I guess). This event made the program lock up twice before I debugged the event file. Change "country = TOX" to "country = PER". War exhaustion up to 12 in most of my territories, so time for a little break I suppose.

    1161 - The situation in 1161. I have my eyes set on 1) the COT in Samarkand, then 2) the blue Hamadan Seljuks and Kerman, then 3) my northern neighbors. From experience I know the Uzbeks only have one or two towns and about 10 colonies. That wouldn't cost too much BB if I could get a random DOW on them. Eventually I want 4) the Turkish culture provinces on the other side of the Caspian Sea.

    To my west my biggest enemy is probably going to be the golden Abbasid Caliphate. I should consider allying with them against the Hamadan Seljuks, attacking from both sides. The Rum Seljuks haven't done much yet, but I think they have some good events coming.

    And you must be wondering, what about the Mongols? The whole scenario is named after them, after all. They have inherited a few neighbors, but force-annexed a few as well, raising their BB to about 12. They force-vassalized the yellow guys (the Merkits I think) and may have cut themselves off from the west for a while. Instead they are attacking the Jin Empire in the east. For my people's sake, I hope they run into some trouble over there. I need all the time I can get to prepare.

    Not that victory points mean much, but I'm doing alright so far. Holland is a surprise. I wonder if they got points from events or something.

    Income is 19/month
    400 in the bank w/ one loan out
    tax collectors in my 4 largest zero revolt risk territories
    -200 relations with QK, Karakhanids, Kerman, and Hamadan Seljuks
    +100 with Fars
    neutral with everyone else, including my ally the Ghurids

    So that's that. Questions, comments, advice? Is anyone interested in reading more?

    EDIT: I suppose most of you have dialup internet. Are the pictures too big? I can fix that I think.
    Oh yeah, 5% inflation and all my provinces are Muslim but about 4 I got from the QaraKhitai.
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    Nice game you played here...but that "defeated" event heldme perplexed...

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    Me, me! I'm interested in reading more . This is all familiar territory for me from playing Gujarat, so it's interesting to see what it looks like in the MES. The pictures do of course make it heavy but I personally don't have problems. Of course, those who do may never get as far as posting a reply!
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    1161 - When I quit last night I was preparing to attack the Hamadan Seljuks (blue). Then today I checked their diplomacy and decided maybe I shouldn't. They are allied with Kerman (grey), Azerbaijan (brown), Mosul (brighter green), Shirvan (white), and the Danishmends (darker green).

    1162 - My Ghurids allies got me into a war their neighbors to the east, the light green fellows. I was not really interested in helping since it is so far away, but I sent down some cavalry, stole some sieges with my leader, and ended up with 3 territories. Before I could make a separate peace for some cash, the Ghurids (alliance leader) made one for me, taking one territory (circled in blue) but leaving me with nothing, despite my 3 territories (circled in red, including one that had gold). But it's ok. I'll get it eventually.

    1165 - Promptly I was asked again to join a war, this time with a country my people had never even heard of. But I couldn't disappoint my ally.

    1166 - Capturing the Gujarati capital gave me their maps, and I saw the subcontinent for the first time. It's a mess! The largest nation has like 3 territories. No big alliances or anything either. Looks easy. Then Malwa and Mewar join the war against me.

    1168 - We finally defeat the Hindu alliance. The Ghurids make a separate peace taking one territory off Gujarat, so I make a separate peace with Mewar for cash, force-vassalize Malwa, then annex Gujarat's capital with it's COT. Huzzah! Despite the wrong religion/wrong culture/no land connection penalties, that 24% of its profits that I get still make it my most prosperous territory. My monthly income increases to 27.

    1172 - After a few years of full minting and building tax collectors (inflation up to about 8 at this point, I get attacked out of nowhere by the Uzbeks. The Altai join them immediately, and then the Ustyaks (located somewhere north of the Uzbeks) join a few months later. I decline to invite the Ghurids because I don't need them (and they would probably dishonor anyway).

    1173 - In one year I take 11 territories off the Uzbeks (10 unfortified), realize I still can't force-annex pagans, and continue on against their allies. Those green guys to my west are the Kazaks and Cumans who also are all unfortified colonies.

    1174 - Ghurids pick up 2 territories from their neighbors (I had made a separate peace for cash), including Thar, the gold province I want so dearly.

    1174 - Then I make peace with Altai, taking their 2 colonies (and no BB), then I do the same to the Ustyaks, except I vassalize them as well.

    1176 - Here we are after the war. Still allied to the Ghurids (brown). The Uyghurs (red) to my east were allied with the Mongols for a while (have +200 relations with them) and have expanded out to the east a little. The Azerbaijan alliance is still pretty much intact (outlined in red) but they are now fighting 2 wars.

    1176 - The Rum Seljuks have joined the Azerbaijan alliance. The Fatimids (tan area based out of Egypt) and the Hedjaz (red area on the Arabian peninsula) defeated and annexed Mosul and then the Fatimids inherited the Abbuyids based out of Syria, while the Rum Seljuks annexed the Danishmends by event. Now the Azerbaijan alliance is getting torn up by the Fatimid alliance AND the Abbasid Calpiphate's alliance. In another 5 years the map should look a lot different. Plus the Cumans and Kazaks are allied now as well. I'm surrounded. Too bad they all suck.

    1176 - My primary expansion has been northward, obviously. Unfortunately it's all crap. Everything from Ust Urt northwards is colonies (15-16 of them). Poor pagan colonies. But I'm trying to convert them all to state religion/state culture before they hit 1000 population. To the west is the Kazak/Cuman alliance. Up at the top is the Ustyaks, my only vassal (my one in India got eaten by the Ghurids) and over to the east I see a whole stretch of crappy undefended Turkoman culture territories (circled in red). I don't touch a single country that could defeat me in a war except the Ghurids, and I'm allied to them. I would show the Mongols, but they look just the same as last time. They broke their vassalage with their neighbor and took one territory. Then they had 2 wars with the Jin Empire, picking up one territory and maybe 50 dollars. But soon they get more cores. That's no good.

    1176 - Points-wise, I'm kicking Mongol ass, and that's all that counts.

    BB is about 14/24
    Inflation about 9%
    One ally and one vassal, everyone else hates me or ignores me
    All muslim but some pagan colonies in the north and one or two QaraKhitai territories.

    I don't know what is up with the religions in this mod. I can marry some pagan countries (Uyghurs and Uzbeks) and not others (QaraKhitai) and force-annex some (Ustyaks) but not others (QaraKhitai and Uzbeks). I would force-vassalize some nations, but I don't know if I would ever be able to diploannex them. Anyone know? I also have a permanent casus belli on all Hindu nations, which I might be able to exploit.

    So what to do? I don't know where to go next, so I may just wait for someone to attack me or for a historical event to fire. I looked through the random event file for casus belli events, and there is only one (insult from a neighbor) that grants a casus belli, and I have yet to have it happen to me. I know eventually I get cores on the Ghurids and most of Persia, but that is some years off (25-30). I need to become big and powerful before the Mongols get here!

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    The current situation:

    Took 3-4 more territories, but now at war with Mongols (purple) and Uyghurs (red) in the north, and the Ghurids and Kerman in the south. We'll see how it goes. Genghis Khan apparently has some excellent stats.

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    Ouch! Well, I reckon it's Divine Judgment - what do you expect if you attack Gujarat?
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