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Thread: Hotkey list

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    Hotkey list

    I looked briefly at the manual (which would be much more useful if there was an index). I also did a search of the HoI2 forum.

    Is there a listing of the hotkeys somewhere? In this instance I'd like to know how to capture a screenshot with HoI2 (it is some function key, I think) and where it is stored. But I think there are other keys as well. Thanks for any help.

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    Post #4 in this thread should be a start: http://www.europa-universalis.com/fo...d.php?t=180362

    F11 to take a screenshot. They go into the main HoI2 folder.
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    These are the ones I remember (well, OK, I copied a list from Stonewall and added a few )

    Province Commands
    a = Build AA
    n = Build infrastructure
    i = Build factory
    l = Build land fort
    c = Build coastal fort

    Unit commands
    . = Cycle Through Divisions
    , = Reverse Cycle Through Divisions (',.' are useful for cycling through divisions within the same unit)
    PgUp = Cycle Through Units
    PgDown = Reverse Cycle Through Units (PgUp/PgDown is most useful for a quick tour through all units rather than individual divisions - units on transports are shown hidden in the deepest Africa )
    l = load to ship
    u = unload from ship

    General Commands

    ctrl+ = Speed Up
    ctrl- = Slow Down
    + = Zoom In
    - = Zoom Out
    \ = Find Province/Nation (? instead of \ on some keyboards)
    tab = Chat in MP
    pause = pause
    HOME = Centre on Capital
    F1 = VP and mission standing (in battlescenarios) on main screen
    F6 = Go to the ledger on the last page you viewed
    F10 = Menu
    F11 = Screendump to file ScreenSaveXXX.bmp (does not work in ledger)
    PrtScrn = Screendump to clipboard (does work in ledger, but you'll have to paste it somewhere not to lose it)
    F12 = Open Console and enter commands, trigger events, or cheat outrageously (in SP)
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    ctrl+shift = Centre on Capital

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyprios
    ctrl+shift = Centre on Capital
    Home key should also work on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Ozzy
    Home key should also work on this.
    Yeah, as Peter already said.

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    So no hotkeys to change among map modes? I'm pretty sure I remember such a feature from one of Paradox's earlier games.

    Likewise, no hotkeys for each folder (tech, production, etc)?

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    You can look up and change some stuff in the "buttons.txt"


    shortcut = YOURKEY

    to the mapmodes.

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    Thanks. Hmm, so what text do I need to enter for the "Control" key in combination with a letter key? E.g., I'd like to make the diplomatic map CTL D.

    Also, are there "buttons" for the four basic folders? Don't see them in buttons.txt.

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    F2 goes to normal map mode (from tech screen etc.)
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    ctrl+1...9 works just like in any rts game, you assign an army to be automatically selected when you press 1..9. double press to focus on it. i find it convenient to assign mostly stationary units, to be able to quickly focus on any part of the map i like without using the minimap.

    btw, note that the "buttons.txt" key assignments are in ADDITION to any hard coded assignments, so be careful. having the same key switching map mode and upgrading industry may not be what you intended also, they tend to cause strangeness if you're into renaming units...

    anyway i assigned F3 to F5 to toggling between the folders, since F2 is already "show map" and F6 is "statistics".

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    I reassigned my F1-F4 keys to match the four main screens from left to right. Now I just need to get ESC to be a shortcut for the main map.
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    How would I reassign the pause key to the left side of the keyboard?

    I use the mouse with my right hand and the pause key is also on the right. I would like to put it on the left side of the keyboard-perhaps the q, z or a keys.

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    Right now NO shortcut works for PAUSE. That is part of the problem. Some commands can have shortcuts, others can't.
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    Just use a keyboard remapper, you can find a link to some in the EU2 support forum sticky thread labeled "useful tools and sites"
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    Thanks! It could be very helpful.

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    Does anyone have a running list of ALL known hotkeys? Maybe a link to an updated website so the most current list could be downloaded at any time.

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