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Thread: CK cheat codes explained.

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    CK cheat codes explained.

    Yes Yes I know... this is the dirty underside of gaming and why would any respectable player stoop to the low level of using a cheat code... Well for those of us familiar with Paradox games... sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. We all know the frustration of a carefully laid and executed plan that was totally ruined at the last minute by a game bug that the designers have just not gotten around to fixing yet… You know those bugs… Some vassal not following your wishes for peace, the crappy stat king that lives to the ripe old age of 103 despite having every illness known to mankind, the Stupid count that obstinately refuses to allow his very beautiful and talented daughter marry your equally talented and heir to the throne son, the stupid courtier blackmailing you for thousands of gold coin when he can’t even add 2 and 2, or that eternal call from the pope to crusade draining your piety even though you haven’t a penny to your name and you’ve just spent the last 5 years fighting off the Mongols.

    Lets face it in every paradox game there’s always the wrong that needs righting and there will always be a situation or two in a game were your perfectly justified in popping open the F12 window and just tweaking the game play a little bit.

    Anyway, Here is a list of the known Cheat codes and what they do. I’ve filtered through my own gaming experience and the forums to find all this. To access these codes merely hit F12 and type in the code. Then hit F12 and another key to remove the screen. …. Updated Sept 20th 2004 game version 1.4b.

    Economic cheats
    Simple… adds stuff to your resource counts

    gold” – adds 1000 gold to your stockpile
    prestige” – adds 1000 prestige to your score
    piety” – adds 1000 piety to your score

    GamePlay Cheats
    Cheats that affect the way the actual gameplay directly and how you interact with the AI. These cheats are like toggle switches Typing the cheat again turns it off

    die” – kills the currently selected character. Careful with this one… if you don’t have a character selected properly you’ll end up killing someone else unintentionally… Like YOU!. Make sure the characters window is open and selected before typing in Die.

    byzantine” – forces AI to accept all diplomatic suggestions, (peace offers, marriage offers, vassalization offers, revoke title) and assassinations always succeed. However the negative BB effects and such from the actions are still in effect. Works like Victoria’s “neville” cheat

    norevolts” – as reported makes it so revolts of armed forces end and then don’t happen.. However it likely does NOT prevent the Revolt tag from triggering in a province prevent unhappy Vassals from declaring independence. Two effects much more serious than any actual revolt I’ve ever encountered.

    Global Cheats
    These are cheats that affect the way the game appears and affect the game screen and options… things like that. These cheats are like toggle switches Typing the cheat again turns it off

    handsoff”- theoretically turns your dynasty over to AI control. However it appears it mostly just keeps your game running through popup events instead of pausing like many events do.

    nofog” – removes the fog of war on the game.. Type it again to turn the fog back on. This is not permanent. You'll have to turn the fog back off every time you start up the game again.

    difrules” – reportedly gives godlike powers… not sure exactly what that means though.

    showid” – shows provinces ID information on the screen. Similar to the Victoria event.

    Event Cheats
    These are a little different in CK due to the two types of events. Character events affect your character, and province events affect a province. However use these with caution and it sounds like CTD’s are a common effect of running these events so I’d recommend you save your game before attempting one. To get these events to fire you need to:

    Character events:
    a. Select the character that is to receive the event
    b. Open F12 console
    c. Type: charevent ???? (where ????=event ID#)

    Province events:
    a. Select the province that is to receive the event
    b. Open F12 console
    c. Type: provevent ???? (where ????=event ID#)

    Cheats that don’t work. Or not sure of the effects.
    CK for some reason has several cheats that appear to not function but don’t give an error in the console window. Or cheats that I’ve actually never used and am not sure of their effects They are….

    nowar” – in other Paradox games this disables countries from declaring war. Not sure if it’s effective in CK.. the cheat may prevent DOW’s on you personally but it appears your vassals can still be declared war on.
    fullcontrol” – in other Paradox games this gives you godlike control of all aspects of the game..
    eureka” – suppose to give tech advances.. reportedly doesn’t work.
    paranoia” – reported on the forums but no clue what it does or what it’s for.
    help” – reported to give you a slew of useless information. Hmm… typical!. I guess there’s a little bit of Microsoft in every software design company…

    Written by Sierra_Falcon.

    Edit: MrT:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sierra_Falcon
    eureka” – suppose to give tech advances.. reportedly doesn’t work.
    I can tell you about this one (and it does work). I had this "cheat" custom-scripted for my personal use when I was scripting the advances_discovery and advances_spread event files. The effect is to change the mtth calculations to turn off the event optimisation routines so that every single event is tested every single day, and adjust the results to produce the effect of each day representing an entire year's probability of each event firing. This was coded in late alpha/early beta when I needed to run repeated tests on a full game's worth of tech discovery and spread and then analyse the results to tweak various mtth values, etc. so that the end result met design criteria. I would not recommend using ths cheat unless you deactivate all other event files because it will slow down the game to a crawl (about 3-5 seconds per day as things progress) and is only really useful for that one purpose.

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