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Thread: WritAAR of the Week: Konnigratz

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    Congratulations, Chief!

    Serenity - (V2 v1.3) - An isolationist Japan tries to stay out of everybody's way (Updated July '13)
    Kriegsgefahr (Impending War) - (HOI3/SF/HPP) - Germany attempts to remain at peace! (Updated Apr '13)
    Locarno - Italy vs. Germany (HOI3/SF/HPP) - What if Mussolini stood with France against Hitler?
    The Die is Cast (Roman Civil War) - Caesar will make a name for himself! (Updated June '12)
    Império Novo - An Axis Portugal AAR for HOI 3 (Complete)
    Fire Warms the Northern Lands - A Prussian Victoria 1 AAR (Awarded the VictAARian Cross for Jan-Jun 2006)
    Castles In the Sky (Vicky 1) * Sforza!!! - A Milan AAR (EU III) (Updated May '13) * I Am Siam (V2 Minor) (tied for Silver VictAARian Cross for Best AAR completed in 2011) * A Long Time Ago... (HOI 1 Argentina)* Check Rensslaer's Inkwell! (list of online writings)

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    Congratulations, Chief Ragusa
    My spambot broke, now I have to write everything myself.

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    Congrats Chief Ragusa!
    What happens when you listen to AOK.11's flawed arguments instead of using logic and thinking for yourself?
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    This is very deserved. A grad fan and also a great writer deserve to win these awards. Born to the Purple is an excellent AAR, and I regret that I have not been following it as close as I would like to, but I still check it and I will try to get up to date on it once more.

    Congratulations Chief Ragusa
    EUIII AAR: The lilies of France
    Awarded Best Character Writer of the Week 25. Feb 2007
    Awarded WritAAR of the Week 22. April 2007

    HoI2 AAR: Enig og tro til Dovre faller – A Norwegian AAR
    Awarded WritAAR of the Week 25. Sept 2005
    Awarded Weekly AAR Showcase 25. Jan 2006
    Awarded Fan of the Week 26. March 2006, 7. October 2007 and 10. November 2008
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    The Popular Front- France and the Second World War. December, 1938: France has failed to topple Hitler's government by guile- and cannot yet resist through force...

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    Thumbs up

    Congratulations Chief Ragusa !

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    Hmm... another Russian AAR? (Finished)
    The Duchy of Pskov 1066- Prematurely ended due to a hard drive crash

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    Congrats Chief Ragusa.

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    Congrats, Chief Ragusa!
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    Congrats, Chief Ragusa, well done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by coz1
    Well, I had hoped merrick would pop back in to name a successor, but it looks like I'll need to push this one along once again.
    Oops <embarrassed> ... I hadn't forgotten ... really ...

    But the truth is that I've been rather busy this last couple of weeks and I didn't get round to reading enough AARs to come to any sort of decision....

    Fortunately, I have a great name to throw out there. And it is about time and well deserved...

    Chief Ragusa
    Congratulations, Chief!
    EU3 AARs - Re-Uniting Gondwanaland - with Elephants! (completed)
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    Congratulations Chief Ragusa!
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    Congratulations Chief Ragusa ! !
    B an 0:-), make someone happy, :-) GhostWriter :-)

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    Congratulations Chief Ragusa! You're a steady and active reader and a talented writer. I enjoy your Born to the Purple AAR, as well as your comments in my own AAR.
    The Soaring Eagle: Rise of Maniakes A narrative/gameplay based Byzantine Mega Campaign starting in 1066 and going as far as I possibly can! Has one the best WritAAR award
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    Congratulations, Chief Ragusa!
    Return to Glory: A Germania AAR
    WritAAR of the week for the week of 6-10-07, Favorite New Writer Overall for Q2 2007, Best Character Writer of the Week 7-18-08

    The Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt: A History

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    Congratulations Chief Ragusa!
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    Thanks coz1 for the nomination and to all of you for your congratulations.
    I pass on the awad to a WritAAr who uses few words, but whose prose is always witty, Duke of Wellington and his
    Shaybanid - Central Asia's Finest
    Last edited by Chief Ragusa; 27-08-2007 at 13:53.

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    Forgive me, Duke, for not getting to your EUIII work just yet. Still catching up in some places. But if it's anything like your previous work, I know it will be very much enjoyed.

    Congrats on being named WritAAR of the Week!
    Northumberland Lives - new AAR for EUIV

    And check out the Guess the Author thread - back and active!

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    Congratulations Duke of Wellington !

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