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Thread: WritAAR of the Week: Nick Giordano

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    Congrats! I just started reading "P is for Passau", and this is well-desewved!
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    Best Character Writer of the Week - 02 SEP 09 - "The Butterfly Device"


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    Congratulations, Farquharson!
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    Congratulations Farquharson!
    What happens when you listen to AOK.11's flawed arguments instead of using logic and thinking for yourself?
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    P is for Well Done!

    Pwell. .. pwuh. . . pusillanimous! I mean I liked it!

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    Congratulations Farquharson
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    congrats, Farquharson. Your AARs are always worth my time. And my time is expensive.
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    Congrats Farquharson!
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    Congrats Farquharson.
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    Congrats Farq!
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    Congratulations Farq !

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    Indeed, many congrats Farq! Well deserved!
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    Congrats Farq! A fitting return to the pfold.
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    Yikes, how embarrassing! I just discovered this! I have to say I've been kind of swamped at work the last couple of weeks so had only been dipping into the CK AAR forum at odd moments, and not updating P is for Passau very much either, as readAARs may have noticed.

    Well, many thanks Hajji Giray, for this honour, and for your kind words. Thanks too for all the congratulatory messages, but most of all thanks to those have read and posted in my AARs. I have to say most of what I write is primarily for my own pleasure, but this is greatly multiplied when I find that other people enjoy it as well. I do well remember when I was last accorded this honour almost exactly four years ago, having joined the forum only a few weeks earlier and writing my first ever AAR ("Brand New and Playing Brandenburg"). I really appreciated then how friendly and welcoming the forum was, and that spirit still lives on, or so it seems to me.

    Umm - so now I'm overdue to nominate the next winner... oh dear! Well luckily I am now on holiday for the next week so I have time to browse around a bit for a change. So I promise I'll come up with the lucky person by tomorrow at the latest. For now I'd better get reading...

    Oh and pardon me for not plastering this post with P words but perhaps next time...
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    Actually it didn't take me all that long to pick a winner. I wanted to honour a relatively new writAAR who hasn't been WoWed before, so that narrowed the field somewhat, but there were still a number of worthy candidates. In the end I decided on one in particular, and would hereby like to nominate Snugglie as next WritAAR of the Week, who since joining in September has begun two CK AARs and is continuing them both. A golden lion rampant queue-forché is a tale about the Kingdom of Sweden and Lotharingia - a Tale of Resurrection describes how the Duke of Lower Lorraine sets out to recreate the Kingdom of Lotharingia. Snugglie is one of those people I greatly admire - a non-native English speaker who writes exceptionally good English, and tells an interesting tale to boot. But Snugglie's writing is only half the story, as it were - as all who have read the above two works will testify, the graphics are also of an exceptional quality. As someone who finds it difficult to keep reading AARs that don't have pictures, I particularly appreciate this aspect.

    So, apologies for hogging the award for a few days longer than I should have, and let me be the first to congratulate you Snugglie, on a well-deserved title!
    Fide et Fortitudine
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    You might very well think that ; I couldn't possibly comment
    Congratulations Snugglie ! Why do I have such a warm feeling inside now ? XD
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    Congratulations Snugglie, I`ve already skimmed through your AAR, and I`ll do proper reading asap.

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    Congrats Farq! And Snugglie!
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