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Thread: WritAAR of the Week: Belgiumruler

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    A great writer and one who certainly deserves this award.

    Congratulations stnylan
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    Congratulations, stynlan! Very well deserved.
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    Grats Stnylan!
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    Well done Stnylan - very much deserved, most certainly!
    Could/might/should have, for hell's sake.

    Come, see my InkWell library, containing all AARs I've written or participated in.

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    stnylan, as always... congrats! is this your 3rd, I suppose?
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    Almost missed this, Congrats Stnylan! Well deserved!
    'What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

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    What, again?

    Well, if you continue to do excellent work (and you do) you should have recognition for it! Well deserved! And congratulations to you!
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    a well deserved honor... congratulations
    You can do anything if you want it badly enough. That's why we see so many people who can fly.

    Check out my AARs:

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    Hmm... another Russian AAR? (Finished)
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    A natural choice! A most excellent writer, to be sure.

    Thank you, Phoenix! And congratulations to you, too.

    But Congratulations to Stnylan!

    Personally, I must recommend his top-quality In Memory of France, which is surely one of the best works of fiction on the Forum. Suspense, intrigue, action, espionage, politics -- can't beat it!

    Great works, Stnylan!

    Serenity - (V2 v1.3) - An isolationist Japan tries to stay out of everybody's way (Updated July '13)
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    eek, I peeked at the one Rensslaer posted. Damn, it's good. Here goes another week reading up on an AAR. Dammit.

    Congratulations, clearly well-deserved.

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    Thumbs up

    Great work, Stnylan!
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    Congratulations, stnylan
    My spambot broke, now I have to write everything myself.

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    Congrats Stnylan ! I`ll have to check your works.

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    Ye Gods, and he writes, too ? Man, where do you find the time. Congratulations indeed !

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    A bit late, but congrats Stnylan.
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    Firstly, very many thanks to Phoenix Dace for nominating me for this awAARd. Very much brought a smile to my face, even if, alas, the particular work it is for has run afoul of technical problems.

    And very many thanks to all those have have wished me congratulations: Myth, coz1, Estonianzulu, canonized, ComradeOm, Veldmaarschalk, Mettermrck, VILenin (don't sell yourself short on that regard, my friend), rcduggan, grayghost, TeeWee, GeneralJac, Lord E, Hardraade, Cyrus_The_Great, Duke of Wellington, Emperor_krk, Hastu Neon, English Patriot, Director, kingmbutu, Rennslaer (thanks for the plug), basharious (dare I hope to count you a future reader? ), The Yogi, GrimReaper, thrashing mad, Atlantic Friend (I am blessed with being able to read quickly - it shows!!! ), and RossN.

    This forum, this community, has been a place that has allowed my to grow as a writer, be it writing faux-chronicles like with Warenne, or a more traditionally narrative story as with Memory of France. Along the way I have been helped by many members. Not just from my commentators, but also from all the other writers' out there whose work I read, and use, and indeed pilfer from time to time. Reading other's AARs is an incredibly enriching experience, that deepens and strengthens my own writing, in addition to bringing me literally hours of enjoyment. Television is a poor competitor to the many wonderful characters and stories than abound on these boards.

    And to pass the torch on.

    In the EU2 forum, about nine months ago, someone began their first posted AAR, though what was not apparently their first attempt. This author for whom, who like for so many on these boards, English is a second language, choose to write a story based around the Hussites. From the very first post there was something about it that caught me attention, perhaps something of the atmopshere, and something of the characters.

    Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to annouce the next WritAAR of the Week:


    And his AAR: The pAARiahs of Europe - Fighting for the Hussite faith
    To view is human, to comment is divine.
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    You might very well think that ; I couldn't possibly comment
    Congratulations TeeWee !!! Well deserved XD Your narrative dialogue is as gripping as always and one can't help but empathize vicariously ... even if your characters are notorious heretics XD
    The New Short AAR about Seduction , Manipulation , Intrigue , Mystery , and Revolution .
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    Nice going Tee Wee

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