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Thread: WritAAR of the Week: Konnigratz

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    Congrats Alexus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexus
    For those interested in becoming WritAAR of the week, I take bribes in the form of having my copy of Doomsday fixed
    Herm, fixed? Think, think, think... No, I don't see. Too bad.

    Congrats Alexus! Given the amount of AARs Duke reads, the choice ought to be meaningful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexus
    For those interested in becoming WritAAR of the week, I take bribes in the form of having my copy of Doomsday fixed
    What is wrong with it?

    And congrats

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    Congrats Alexus. As Froggy said, if you get the awAARd from Duke of Wellington you know the AAR is among the greatest.
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    Well done Alexus.
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    Thanks everyone

    I've been thinking of who to nominate... so you;d better all be good

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    Sorry, the forums were down. Now that I can access them again I hereby proclaim El Pip the WritAAR of the week for his excellent work with the Butterfly Effect and For King Haakon and the Fjords!

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    Congrats, El Pip! I hear good things of your work.
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    Well done, El Pip.
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    Well done old Pip.
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    Congrats, El Pip. Both AARs are very enjoyable. Well done.
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    And check out the Guess the Author thread - back and active!

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    Best deserved in a while!

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    Jolly nice work El Pip, congratulations
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    Congratulations, El Pip!
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    Congratulations !

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    What? That wasn't what you meant? Then you should be more clear next time.

    Onto the AARs, well I suppose there about as opposite as can be. Fjords is an ongoing homage to puns, blatant comedy stereotypes and crude photoshopping, anything goes for a quick joke or a cheap laugh. Great fun to write and seemingly enjoyed by literally dozens, perhaps more.

    Butterfly on the other hand is a labour of love that regularly takes several hours per update. While Fjords is barely planned a joke ahead I've got bare bone updates for events that wont happen for years prepared. Researched to within an inch of it's life I've been gratified with the response and, at my current rate of progress, expect to still be writing it for months, possibly years. It has actually been updating slower than real time.

    Both I, and my newly enlarged ego, would like to express our thanks to the readers, lurkers and everyone who said something nice. We especially thanks those who were extra sycophantic (You know who you are Kenneth)
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