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Thread: READ THIS FIRST - Terror bombing, concentration camps & swastikas!

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    Exclamation HoI2-Additional Forum Rules -READ THIS FIRST

    NOTE: There will not be any gulags or deathcamps (including POW camps) to build in Hearts of Iron2, nor will there be the ability to simulate the Holocaust or systematic purges, so I ask you not to discuss these topics as they are not related to this game. Thank You.

    NOTE: Strategic bombing in HoI2 will be abstracted and not allow you to terror bomb civilians specifically. Chemical weapons will also not be included in the game. Any threads that complain about this issue will be closed without discussion.

    NOTE: There will not be any swastikas in the game, because it IS illegal to show them in Germany and various other countries. Same goes for other Nazi symbols (e.g. related to the SS) or Nazi propaganda material, including songs etc. Any links posted to a mod which includes a Swastika or other illegal Nazi symbols will be deleted. Any threads that complain about this issue will be closed.

    Anyone discussing any of the above items on this board is liable to be banned

    These rules aren't up for discussion and will be applied as they are.

    Reminder: User Agreement and Board Rules
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    Just a quick note,

    I'm getting a bit tired of all the 'this is not historical' and 'that should not happen' comments. I would once again like to notify the whole community that Hearts of Iron II is *not* meant to be an historical simulation. It is meant to be a wargame set in a WWII timeframe. So ahistorical situations are part of the package just as in, for example, EU II.

    Do not confuse bugs with ahistorical outcomes. The first can be cured, the second is not intended to be cured.

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