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Thread: Shortest Prussia AAR ever :)

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    Shortest Prussia AAR ever :)

    Welcome to the shortest Prussia AAR ever. Playing 1.02 nor/nor with my Adam Smith mod 0.6

    This game played exactly how a prussia game should...no siting at max everything had to make difficult choices many times. Was able to play a very historical path although it was pretty difficult at times. Anyway I'll post a quick summary of what happened for those who are interested. I am so please with this game I thin I am glowing

    Summary of my game
    -Spent first 5 years building railroads and industry couldn't afford any crime fighting or army spending
    -1843 built about 4 divisions to add to my armies (about 25 div total) mobilization level of 25 but I never mobilized) dow and took holstien
    -got burma event, no one else declared war on them, so I built a small fleet (5 ships) and annexed them
    -1847 finally able to afford crime fighting, teching pretty fast now
    -1849 one german minor (mainz)with sulfur had rebellion lost all its alliances so I annexed it
    -1852 took madagascar and zululand and colonized swaziland (at this point africa is still pretty ripe for the picking only about 20 claims in it and most of the coast is still open, but I cannot afford colonial buildings yet)
    -1858 got bored and declared war on oman took tanzania and that little island by arabia, also upgrading about half my railroads to lvl 2
    -starting to have regular polish rebellions
    -colonized kenya (I am making about 75 a day so I got spare cash)
    -1860 went into massive debt to get good health care and good pensions (400,000)
    -1866 got debt down to about 200,000 when austrian war broke out by event
    -satillited most of the german minors since they all betrayed me
    -1867 got the three austrian provinces, had to mobilize 75 divisions though as my 30 division standing army was not going to cut it even with my great generals (debt got up to 600,000 by end of war (was losing like 600 doallars a day at one point)) Austria had 67 divisions when war broke out 34 when it ended
    -1870 got debt back down to about 200,000 when Franco-Pussian war started by belgium had 42 divisions austria 45 and france 150
    -I had 40 division army and 100 mobilized divisions
    -war was a little back and forth but i humiliated belgium and austria by retreating along the french border
    -then had to push france back as they were almost to madgeburg
    -took until late 1871 to push the front all the way back to paris
    -event fired, I became germany, got the three french provinces and north ger joined me (about 10 provinces), south german (only 5 provinces) joined austria
    -i now have 500,000 in debt and haven't put one dollar into education or crime for over 5 years
    -with minimized all expenses I can make 300 dollars per day so I should be able to pay it off pretty quick
    -guess ill finish upgrading to railroad lvl 2 after I pay off my debt
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    Now why on earth did SGF join austria instead of you?!

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    Because its 1872 and he only has lvl 2 railroad? :P and DEBT?!
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    Very funny. What happens when Russia decides to DoW you now? You'd probably die, is my guess, especially with those railroads. How does the rest of Europe/America compare as far as railroads go?
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    Good stuff, Becephalus. I can't understand why the SGF joins Austria either. There's no event I could find that lets Prussia or Germany annex it, so I made my own since I was not about to tolerate an independent southern Germany after 1872.

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