I would be better if Spain could agree to a peace with Turkey now. It would prefer to see Spaniards fighting French

The protestant faith wasn't choose by any country yet.

The slow rebuilding of the english army continues.
I sent 10k men to Calais.

January 3, 1516 : A foolish Brandebourg declares war to Poland, calling England, Austria and Hannover as allies. At Berlin, the germans feel suddenly sooo alone when everyone, including me, declined to help them. They trusted their allies. They shouldn't have.
Austria can't reach Poland even if the Emperor Maximilian I dislikes a lot the Poles. Hannover could, through Brandebourg territory, but they are more than neutral toward Poland.
And me... I asked Brandebourg to enter my alliance in case of a war against Spain (who knows ?), not to help them...

Of course, my alliance with Austria and Hannover is renewed the day after

But, to be realistic, that alliance is far from being reliable. Any country is ready to betray the others...

February 1516 : the germans of Brandebourg behaved very well in numerous small battles against Poles, winning them all. Brandebourg is now besieging Western Pomerania, a province formerly won by Poland from the Hansa in an previous war.

June 1516 : 38k germans are besieging Stralsund in Western Pomerania. 80k Poles are heading to Berlin.

July 7, 1516 : Berlin fell. Poland, being very nice with the germans, only asked for huge indemnities. So ended a very short war which could have ended with the utter destruction of Brandebourg. Germans should praise the Poles to have let them live.

July 16, 1516 : Being hypocrital, I propose Brandebourg to join my alliance. They accepted.
(My relationships didn't go too much down with the germans. And, after all, I'm a major power and the only one proposing them to ally with).

August 26, 1516 : Spain and Turkey agree to make peace ! Turkey pays limited indemnities.
Spain is now back in western europe politics after having been involved in a loooong war for absolutely no gain.
Spain will be a threat for both France and me now. My Navarre province can be attacked by Spain and France-Spain relationships are not very good too.

I'll have to be prudent.

November 1516 : My merchants begins to contest the monopoly of Spain in the Andalusia Center of Trade. That CoT is almost as wealthy as Genoa's but noone save Morocco is contesting Spain trade supremacy there. Spain *can* decide to preserve its trade and close its CoT to me. But that would gives me a CB.


Reconstruction of the English army continues. I now have 35 with Field Marshal Brandon in Navarre to face 52k french. 19k soldiers are at Calais and more are trained in Kent.
The trade war is slowly but surely engaged with Spain. It's a kind of provocation towards Spain and being refused to access Andalusia would give me a CB. I don't intend to attack Spain... now. But later, in America, an attack can be necessary one day or another.
In the meantime, diplomats are sent to Madrid to increase our realtionships with Spain.
I need Spain neutrality and don't want to be caught flat footed while battling in France by an agressive Spain.

January - December 1517 : a very quiet year. Save some revolts in Spanish Lowlands, nothing happen in Europe. Spain and Burgundy are still at war but no nation can reach the other. Flandres is still belonging to the House of Bourgogne even if occupied by Spain.
I engaged during that year in trade contests both in Andalusia and Flandres, being successfull in Flandres (where Spain CAN'T refuse me the access, not owning the province anymore).


I renewed many royal mariages with german countries last year. My trade revenue increased by 50% since 1516. But economically, I am still receiving more than 90% of my revenue from internal sources and direct taxes. It's a clue how economically isolated I am as a consequence of years of wars and war efforts.
My allies in north germany (Hannover and Brandebourg) *may* help me against Spain if needed. Austria probably won't.
Against France, probably only Austria will.
In either case, I hope not being totally alone in the next war.

France forged again an alliance with Scotland and Sweden and recently added Venice to it.
The arrival of Venice as french allies will probably keep Austria busy. From my point of view, it's like being alone once more.
Swedish alliance with France worries me. I don't want to have to guard the Channel against french fleets, the north sea against swedish fleets, the Scot border and with what will be left of my might, invade France.

I gathered a 28k army at Calais, aiming to assault Paris the sooner in case of war. Brandon will try his best to destroy the french southern army.

French fleet, according to my intelligence, is almost as large as mine.
Scots have a strong army of 35k men.

In the current situation, after a limited offensive, I'll be set into a defensive war quickly.

More troops are needed to fuel the war in France.

January 9, 1518 : Hessen declares war to Hannover. Austria and Brandebourg immediately leave the alliance to be not involved in the war. I agree to help Hannover.
A small expeditionnary force will be sent there.

February 12, 1518 : the small Hessen army defeat Hannover troops in Oldenburg and set siege to the fortress. The second part of Hannover army entered Hessen, defeat the garrison there and besiege Kassel, capital of Hessen.

April 1518 : Respective capitals of Hessen and Hannover are besieged by ennemies.

June 19, 1518 : When Kassel falls under Hannover control, Hessen agrees to pay large indemnities to Hannover to make a peace. I also receive 95d as indemnities from Hessen.
My expeditionnary force was ready but I didn't had to send it.

November 5, 1518 : Algiers declares war to Morocco.

(see part III/3, sorry)

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