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Thread: HistoryPark: Here There Be Dragons

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    I can indeed....But everything must end at some point...and although you believe the end wasn't as good as the story as a whole I have to disagree. The poignancy of Hitchcock leaving the game and yet knowing that at any time he 'could' pick it up again is delightful. Knowing that he may be tempted but will not return to play after all the blood, sweat, and tears he expended is quite heartful in my opinion. He is sad, tired, and yet in a way relieved that he survived the 'ordeal' of guiding Wallachia into an empire that will likely last forever and keeping balance in a Europe that will likely never see a WWI or a WWII, for that matter. At least in game terms and time, anyway. He has much to be proud of, and I think later on he would realize this and be proud of the job he did.
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    I just read Director's comment in the rules revision thread, and it made me wonder why I couldn't recall the end of this story.

    Then it appeared to me, I never did finish it. It would seem you ended this right about the time I drifted away.

    Thus belated cudos for another story well told.

    I seriously hope you have this and Napoleon well burned into more medias than this, because, even if you never publish them, they start my imagination every time I read just a few chapters. (and that, unfortunately is all I can do with my eyes these days). I would be sad to have them lost into the great void at some point.


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    Courtesy of Nil The Frogg I do have both HistoryParks in Word files. Unfortunately, the pics for Napoleon and Dragons were lost due to the never-to-be-sufficiently-detested AOL.

    Thanks for dropping by. I have to admit I have a fondness for these old ones, too.
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