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    STOCKHOLM — JUNE 17, 2014 — Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today revealed the third expansion for Europa Universalis IV, the award-winning grand strategy game of empire-building and global domination. The new mini expansion, entitled Res Publica, will introduce new systems of governance and trade to the game, including an all-new government type and several new Idea Groups for ambitious strategists to explore. The mini expansion is scheduled to release this summer for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

    Res Publica, a Latin phrase meaning “Public Affairs,” expands upon the critically acclaimed strategy game Europa Universalis IV, providing players with even more ways to rewrite history and tell their unique stories of conquest. In Res Publica, dictators and diplomats will discover new ways to manage and govern their empires, including additional ways to influence growth, sway the balance of power, and maintain – or shatter – a nation’s stability.
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    Nickel and Dime Your Rivals to Death with Privateers, Trade Companies and More

    STOCKHOLM — May 29, 2014 — Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today launched “Wealth of Nations,” the second expansion to the critically acclaimed empire-building strategy title Europa Universalis IV. Available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, trade enthusiasts can purchase Wealth of Nations for the current market value of a barrel of spices, or $9.99, from digital storefronts worldwide as well as on the Paradox Store at https://www.paradoxplaza.com/europa-...lth-of-nations.

    After being stuck in customs for a bit, a launch trailer for Wealth of Nations has been released:

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    Pre-orders Available Now through New Paradox Website, Weekly “Paradox Live” Show Debuts Today
    STOCKHOLM — May 15, 2014 — Paradox Interactive today revealed the release date and began offering pre-orders for “Wealth of Nations,“ the second expansion to Europa Universalis IV. Adding a plethora of new trade and diplomacy features to the award-winning grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio, Wealth of Nations will be officially released on May 29, 2014 for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

    In order to keep pre-orders free of the trade conflicts and questionable market practices featured in the game, Paradox is taking pre-orders through its newly revamped website and digital storefront, here: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/europa-...lth-of-nations
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    ''Incomprehensible riches can be ours if we can but stretch our arms wide enough to dip from this eternal river of wealth.''

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    Time for this weeks dev diary. Since last week the we have managed to do a lot of stuff, apart from the regular bugfixing we have had time to do a a comprehensive rebalance of buildings, replaced the polar bears with canal graphics and not least managed to end the latest season of the PDS Developer Multiplayer (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...on-of-EU4-Beta), congratulations to Carsten who came out as a convincing winner. A new season is planned, more on that later.

    Anyways, before I go back to tweaking the game I want to tell you a bit about the interface changes we are adding to the 1.6 patch.
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    Highlighting the studio’s humble beginnings with its adaptation of Europa Universalis from the tabletop to the desktop, the short film goes on to examine the team responsible for such titles as the Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings series.
    Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vObN-7dfKOs
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    Hey, quick question – do you like games? Maybe that’s too vague… do you like our games, and seeing those games, and playing those games, and meeting the people who made those games, and getting some sweet swag related to those games while in the company of gamers who are way into games? Well, if you happen to be attending PAX East, which is happening in Boston, April 11-13, we’re going to be there this year, and we’re bringing games!

    Paradox is proud to join the fun this year at PAX East, where we’ll have our own booth (#648) full of magnificence. That magnificence will include stations where you can come and play War of the Vikings and Magicka: Wizard Wars – enough stations to allow 4v4 battles in each game! We’re also going to be showing off Wealth of Nations for Europa Universalis IV, which hasn’t even been made available to the public yet. Plus, a bunch of swell folks from Paradox Development Studio will be there with dedicated PCs of their own, and those guys haven’t been made available yet either!
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    The interest in our Europa Universalis Short Story Contest has been amazing - so great, in fact, that we had to push up this announcement by two weeks. Now we are finally here.
    Equally impressive is the quality of the works that you have sent us. We are blown away by the levels of historical insight and writing skills you have shown. Choosing only three of the 100 submissions has been next to impossible. Yet we had to do it, and so we have!

    The Winners
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    On the theme of inspiring change, we want to celebrate the social, political and economic achievements of women!
    We want to bring forth how women have changed the world history, so you can find inspiration to change the world for the better both in our games and in the real world, enjoy!

    Europa Universalis IV – How we changed the world

    Crusader Kings II – Women of the Medieval Era

    Hearts of Iron IV: How we changed the world

    The Women of the Victorian era that changed history

    Runemaster – The Stories of Women from Norse Mythology

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    The empire building game Europa Universalis IV gives you control of a nation to guide through the years in order to create a dominant global empire. Rule your nation through the centuries, with unparalleled freedom, depth and historical accuracy. True exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy will be brought to life.

    Here are some of the women of the era that changed the world:

    Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) - How I Changed the World:
    I was Gloriana, the Virgin Queen, arguably the greatest monarch in English history and the founder of its empire. I inherited the absolute authority built up by my father and grandfather and ruled England in its first Golden Age, an age of great writers, poets, privateers, explorers, spies and sailors. Wary of weakening the English crown in its own lands, I scrupulously avoided marriage but on my death unified the thrones of Scotland and England. I worked with vigor to establish the Protestant faith in England and rallied the nation against the Spanish menace – wearing armor to the coast and exhorting my fleet to defeat the invading Armada.
    You Might Not Know This: The primary goal of my extensive spy network was to protect me from assassination; my long reign might seem stable but there was constant threat of rebellion and religiously motivated murder.
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    Hey there!

    So, I gathered a list of Let´s Play channels that play Paradox Development Studio games!
    Did I miss any good ones? Let me know, we want to know what channels you like!


    LETS PLAY PDS GAMES - list of channels:
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    The expansion Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise has now been out for six weeks, therefore I felt this is a good time for some general "post mortem" thoughts. But as I sat down to write this dev diary for Conquest of Paradise, it struck me that “Post Mortem” is not really a good term for this kind of thing; Post Partum would be better
    In the old days maybe the death analogy worked...you made a feature list, finished it, published the game and then moved on to the next game. This was the life cycle of computer game development. But now we produce patches and expansions and constant updates and our games and expansions are more of a continuous project; more analogous to giving birth and watching the game grow and pushing it in interesting directions, intervening when necessary. It takes a long time for a game to really leave our homes.
    Conquest of Paradise is a special expansion for us, because it's the first expansion for Europa Universalis IV. We have said this a lot, but Conquest of Paradise was a very ambitious project and we did face quite a few challenges when creating it.
    We made major changes to the game that was challenging both technically and design-wise.
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    "From the design perspective, the open-ended grand strategy games Paradox Development Studio makes are specifically created to give the players freedom to explore the simulation for as long as they want. "I see the amount of hours players sink into our games as hard evidence that gamers want freedom," said Johan Andersson, studio manager. "We want you as a gamer to have freedom to set your own goals, decide what tools to use and make choices."
    Andersson takes the high average play times to heart. "That gamers get so engaged that they continue playing our games for hundreds of hours is of course the biggest compliment we as a game developer can ever get," he said."
    Read the full article here:

    So, how many hours have you played our games?

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    1. Europa Universalis

    So here it is, the next patch for Europa Universalis IV.
    Not the first and by no means the last, happy conquering!

    - Annexing or integrating another country now makes you take over all their dependencies as well.
    - Navies retreating now pick closest port with naval distance, not the shortest how birds fly.
    - East India Traderoute triggered modifier is now available for americans and africans, and is no longer limited by <30% mercantilism.. effect is now +5% trade income.
    - You can now collect trade in any node. Not that its a good idea to do it where you don't have fleet bases.
    - Greatly improved AI for returning home when in exile
    - Greatly improved naval invasion AI
    - Replacing War Subsidies with Subsidies that can be used at any time, for longer durations of time
    - Fixed the infamous 26-player lobby crash
    - If a player in MP is at war, a war-icon will be shown at that players name in the outliner.
    - Added DLC-icons to the frontend like the once in CK2.
    - Vasselize missions now give a cb for 25 instead of 10 years and abort on the cb expiring
    - Enabled modding in unit_type on ships
    - Added a checkbox to decisions to set whether or not you want to be notified about the decision being available to take
    - Can no longer get the same mission twice


    - Breaking a Royal Marriage will now also cancel Claim Throne if the nation breaking it off is the claimant.
    - You can now force countries to cancel protectorates in a peacetreaty, just like breaking vassalage.
    - The emperor can no longer exploit converting his own religion for IA farming.
    - Steppe Nomads can no longer become Protectorates.
    - Ships can no longer blockade ports while patrolling.
    - Trade winds are no longer used in Random New World, and correctly restored after resign.
    - Nations that are supporting independence will now automatically join their supported nation in an independence war unless they have a truce or is fighting in a war together with its overlord
    - Junior partners in a union is no longer allowed to change government.
    - You can now always core a province adjacent to your colonial subjects.
    - Reformation (and Calvinism) now only happens in Europe.
    - Giving a colony independence now gives them +100 opinion of you.
    - Support Independence is now cancelled if the overlord is giving a colony away.
    - Revolutionary Republic now becomes a revolutionary empire instead of despotic monarchy if tradition is too low.
    - Cardinals will no longer spawn from territories not on the same continent as the Holy See.
    - Colonial Governments now have a severe malus on Papal Influence.
    - Ships will no longer spread their damage as much in naval combat, and will keep firing at ships with 0 morale to sink them if possible.
    - Reworked prices to take colonial system better.
    - Annexing or integrating another country now makes you take over all their dependencies as well.
    - Tweaked some morale bonuses
    - Can no longer ask a state to become a protectorate while either country is at war
    - Wargoals are now only valid for warleaders, original attacker & defender, and overlords of original attacker & defender
    - When migrating, the country now brings the province culture into the new province.
    - When migrating, all constructions besides merchants gets moved as well.
    - Raised diplovassalize base tax cap from 30 to 40
    - Halved Better Relations Over Time effect from Prestige
    - Halved AE reduction from distance
    - Can no longer sell a province to a country that cannot make said province into a core due to distance
    - Fleet Basing Rights now always costs at least 0.5 ducats and caps out at a maximum of 2 ducats at 20 ports
    - Fleet Basing Rights no longer gives colonial & coring range
    - Increased duration of CB on Form Personal Union missions from 10 to 100 years
    - Detaching a siegestack now always sets "can-attach-unit" to false.
    - Fixed a few issues which causes natives &pirates units to just stand still.
    - Reforming natives now also update all units to new unittypes.
    - Subsidies and Guarantees will now be canceled if either country involved becomes a subject.
    - War Subsidies are now simply Subsidies, and can be given even if target country is not at war.
    - Absolute maximum subsidies that can be given is now 50% of monthly income.
    - Absolute minimum subsidies that can be given is now 0.1 ducats/month.
    - Duration of Subsidies are now 5-100 years instead of 6-60 months. They can still be revoked at any time.
    - Opinion boost from getting subsidies now depends on how much money has been given in total, relative to the recipient's income.
    - Tweaked price algoritm for slaves.
    - Cores are assigned before ownersip change when forming colonies, so buildings should no longer be destroyed.
    - You no longer get Exploration CB on subjects states.
    - Colonial Government & Native Council are no longer valid targets for revolutionry cb.
    - You can now collect trade in any node. Not that its a good idea to do it where you don't have fleet bases.
    - Gaining a core while having the overextension-view open no longer kills the whole list.
    - Returning cores and releasing nations will no longer remove cores from releaser if the province is of their primary culture
    - Influence actions now contains all actions relating to subjects and influence, instead of just some of them.
    - Relative base tax now matters when trying to make countries into protectorates diplomatically.
    - You'll now get a prestige hit if your infiltrate administration-action is discovered.

    - Random New World not so random any more (when loading savegames)
    - Navies retreating now pick closest port with naval distance, not the shortest how birds fly.
    - On map interface for macro interface will no longer get stuck if a province gets sold while it's shown.
    - Fixed crash when AI country changes tag and repays loans at the same time
    - Fixed a bug where you couldn't send a colonist to a colony that you had recalled a colonist from.
    - Fixed CTD in the console command "own".
    - Fixed a bug which caused monarchs to get different stats than what was shown in tooltips from events, when a dynasty was defined for them in the event.
    - Fixed another issue with supply range cache and undiscovered provinces
    - Fixed a bug where you could annex a nation with an isolated capital by demanding all their provinces individually
    - Fixed a CTD in call to arms
    - Money out of thin air exploit plugged. You can no longer send subsidys to subject nations.
    - You will no longer get empty units when annexing a vassal or integrating a union partner.
    - Fixed CTD in CRebelFaction::WriteMembers.
    - Fixed a bug where more than eight lucky nations could coexist if lucky settings were changed mid-play
    - Fixed another case where two countries could end up migrating to the same province simultaneously, wiping out the first migrant
    - Fixed a bug where a rebel hunting unit would have its movement canceled each day due to another, closer rebel hunting unit that couldn't reach the target
    - Fixed a bug where separate peace in an independence war would end the entire war
    - Fixed a bug that was causing Royal Marriages to never be broken on ruler death.
    - Fixed CTD in peace code.
    - Support Independence will now properly be removed when an independence war turns it into an alliance
    - Fixed a CTD related to malloc-problems when loading a RNW-save after resigning.
    - Two countries with the same overlord (even through overlord-chains) can no longer start a war against each other.
    - The host will no longer get stuck in lobby if a client unready at the same time as the host starts the game.
    - Fixed CTD in CCountry::CalculateColonials()
    - Fixed CTD due to invalid war in CCountry::CalcScoreForDiplomacy.
    - Host browsing through save game-folders will no longer crash the client.
    - Pressing ESC in observe mode: If you're observing a country it will deselect it, otherwise the in-game menu will popup.
    - Fixed a bug where Daimyos could no longer declare war.
    - Fixed a bug where vassalizing a country and taking over their wars would result in all your allies dishonoring your alliance
    - Fixed a bug in the peace code where returning cores could result in bizarre annexations.
    - Fixed a few ways where tradepower downstream-propagation got interrupted by present power.
    - Fixed a bug in the peace code where returning cores could result in bizarre annexations.
    - Fixed bug where the ResourceDepleted-modifier didn't get removed when migrating into a province.
    - It's no longer possible to increase tariffs to above 100%.
    - Fixed possible CTD when calculating ranks.
    - It's no longer possible to start the game in ironman + observe mode.
    - Setting a player to control a nation that the player allready controlled will no longer risk start the AI (caused some ingame loading bugs where colonies where lost)
    - Adding subjects will now update borderdistances
    - Fixed CTD when forming JAP after annexing JAP. Loans for annexed countries are now correctly deleted.

    - Fixed the infamous 26-player lobby crash
    - Fixed an oos related to monarch that died on different times.
    - Chosing to play as a released vassal in MP will no longer force all the players to play that vassal.
    - Selecting "Spectator" in the end of game screen now brings you into the real observe mode.
    - If a player in MP is at war, a war-icon will be shown at that players name in the outliner.
    - Added MP-option: Locked ledger. (yes/no)
    - Added MP-option: Only host can save. (yes/no)
    - Added MP-option: Editable savegame. (yes/no). If this option is disabled, the save will be saved in binary and it will also not be possible to start the savegame in singleplayer.
    - Fixed an OOS that occured if a player selected a country that is a "lucky nation" somethere between the time when the host loads the savegame and the time when the client loads it.
    - Fixed an OOS that occurred whenever an observer observed a country that released a vassal and started playing as it.

    - Fixed a bug that was causing countries to sometimes never leave coalitions
    - Fixed an issue in admiral AI where boats would not stay in place for blockades due to bad distance caching
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to refuse support independence request based on their own distance to overlord instead of their overlord's distance to supporter
    - Increased AI aggressiveness
    - Rewrite AI logic for returning home when in exile, should hopefully resolve all issues with exiles being stuck in foreign countries
    - Fixed another bug with AI exiles stuck in foreign countries
    - Fixed a bug in naval invasion AI that could cause AI to become stuck in invasion mode without ever boarding ships
    - Should now be much better at transporting troops to allies' territory during war
    - Fixed an issue where AI countries without armies would not build troops because they were waiting for money to build more expensive unit types
    - Will now use larger stacks when carpeting sieging high level forts
    - Will now lift sieges in order to attack enemy armies that are besieging higher priority targets
    - Now considers terrain and leaders a bigger factor when determining combat odds
    - Now much more reluctant to enter scorched provinces
    - More prio on conquering pagan states with gold provinces
    - Will no longer diplo-vassalize HRE vassals if it is trying to enact Renovatio
    - Will now take out more loans if fighting in a war where their independence is threatened
    - Will now consolidate badly damaged regiments if low on manpower or about to enter battle
    - ed overlords of nations you are declaring war on will now correctly show as not willing to join the war on your side
    - Will no longer ignore small nearby enemy stacks if they have nothing better to do
    - Will no longer demand the return of unlawful territory from its allies and dependancies
    - Will no longer send missionaries to non-core provinces
    - Should now always try to cede a siege to warleader if it has no interest in the province
    - Will now ignore attitude towards a nation's allies when checking whether to answer call to arms from a nation whose independence it is supporting
    - Will now use more artillery in its armies
    - Will now prioritize steering to capital in virtually all situations where it is an option
    - Fixed bug where AI countries sometimes started new federations even thou they already were member of another federation.
    - Less interested in vassalizing non-bordering states not of the same culture group (such as hungary & urbino)
    - Will now check to see whether it has transports that can reach the target before launching a naval invasion
    - Less prio on culture conversions unless significantly ahead of time in diplo tech
    - Protectorates will now use the same logic as independent nations for buying provinces
    - Protectorates will now fabricate claims
    - Will now only take the Abolish Slavery act if they have full innovative ideagroup
    - Will now accept buying provinces as long as the total OE after purchase would not be above 95%
    - Subjects will now only accept buying non-core provinces if their OE is 0
    - Will no longer accept buying a non-accepted culture province or wrong religion group province unless it is a core, claim, or they have owned it at any point during the game
    - Subjects will now only buy provinces if they are a core, claim, or they have owned it at any point during the game
    - Now has a 1% chance of taking option B in Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy"
    - Will now be more intelligent about what ships it disbands when naval spending is too high
    - Fixed a bug where the AI would continuously begin and abort blockades due to other AIs attempting the same thing
    - Fixed a bug where hostile fleets that were moving and in combat would be 'invisible' to the AI
    - Will no longer attach to armies that are not anywhere near hostile territory
    - Should now properly enforce peace to protect their colonies when they have a chance at winning
    - Should now be smarter about where to explore first
    - Will now focus more on establishing a colonial nation before colonizing elsewhere
    - Less random about where it prioritizes colonization
    - Will no longer accept an offensive call to arms if the caller has a previous offensive war they would not want to join
    - More prio on converting cultures for colonial nations.
    - Fixed a bug where AI units would remain in exile due to not detaching from the unit they were attached to.
    - Subjects can now ally against their overlord, if several of them simultaneously want independence. A subject allied to another subject of the same overlord will automatically call them in if they declare an independence war, but cannot call them in for any other wars. If the war does not result in independece, all rebelling subjects will be revassalized.
    - Balanced personality is now less predominant among rulers with all low stats, and a bit more common among rulers with all high stats.
    - Small AI countries of the Emperor's culture group may now attempt to join the Empire.
    - Fixed a bug where AI colonies would not account for tariffs in their expenses when budgetting.
    - AI: Less prio on rivaling countries that already have a large number of enemies.
    - Will now recruit generals during peacetime if it is under serious threat from rebels.
    - More willing to declare an independence war if it has proper backing.
    - Will now start the game with their rivals picked, to make for more consistent diplomacy.
    - Now a bit less predictable about who they choose as rivals.
    - Reduced minimum years nation will be in a coalition from 5 to 2.
    - If OE is low, now willing to take neighbouring accepted culture provinces even if they had not planned on conquering them.
    - More focus on annexing small, poorly defended priority targets.
    - Less willing to ally countries with unlawful territory, if Emperor.
    - Much less willing to join an offensive war if already fighting a war on the same side as the attacker.
    - Less willing to join an offensive war if already at war.
    - Much less likely to accept converting their provinces back to Catholicism in event 2036 'Religious Turmoil'.
    - Now a bit harder to ally distant AI powers that have no particular interest in you.
    - More prio on buying ideas when it has multiple unfinished idaegroups.
    - Will no longer consider wasteland as hostile borders during war.
    - Optimized & improved military access logic.
    - Will no longer try to get military access to travel vast distances to a war front under most circumstances (ie, no more Tibetan land invasions of Italy).
    - Fixed a bug where AI countries would continue to ask for military access through another country long after their reasons for wanting it ceased being relevant.
    - Will no longer budget for colonies if the budgeted amount isn't enough to support at least one colony.
    - Governments set to allow_migrate will now work properly for the AI even if they don't have native mechanics enabled.
    - Fixed a bug where you could end up getting a positive relation hit from Aggressive Expansion due to stacking modifiers.
    - Will now turn off force march when entering naval invasion mode.
    - Newly released countries should now have an easier time finding allies.
    - Will now make use of subsidies to fund poor allies and enemies of their rivals.
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing AI Natives from forming federations.
    - Fixed a problem in sell province logic where it was calculating Overextension incorrectly.
    - Distrust now goes away faster if an AI has a good opinion of the country it distrusts
    - Trust now goes away faster if the AI has a negative opinion of the country it trusts
    - Trust with allies now goes up slightly slower
    - Better at demanding provinces for its allies and vassals in a war.
    - Less likely to rival a long-term ally with a very high trust score.
    - Now less willing to ally multiple Great Powers at the same time, to prevent crazy late-game alliance webs.
    - Now much more careful about sending large armies onto islands connected only by straits.
    - Fixed a bug where AI armies could get stuck in allies' lands after a war due to faulty military access logic.
    - Will now only buy provinces if OE is 0 or their total OE after buying the province would be equal or less to 50%.
    - Slower to change attitudes towards a country unless their strategic priorities change majorly (for example on ruler death or from picking a conquest mission)
    - Fixed a bug where AI nations would be unable to cancel a treaty of support independence even after they had ceased being willing to uphold it
    - Reduced trust impact on HRE elections to fit the new trust calculations
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI Emperor from granting Electorates under certain circumstances
    - Fixed a bug where AI armies would be locked up wandering back and forth between provinces trying to find a resting spot
    - Regencies can no longer have the Militarist AI personality
    - Militarist AI is now more willing to take on high core cost provinces
    - Diplomatic, Administrator & Colonial AI are now less willing to take on high core cost provinces
    - Added AI_CONVERT_CULTURES to defines, if set to 0 ai will not convert cultures
    - States with slow tech groups will no longer consider themselves Colonial Powers for the purpose of giving fleet basing rights
    - Tweaked army recruit AI to be a bit smarter about build order when rebuilding their army from scratch
    - Fixed a bug in AI where it was miscalculating overall rebel threat from units in rebel-controlled provinces.
    - Fixed a bug where AI units that were too large for a fleet's transport capacity would become stuck trying to board ships because of constant splitting off and merging of regiments.
    - Fixed another bug that was blocking AI from diplo-annexing its vassals

    - GUI are no longer locked when entering observe mode when game is over.
    - Fixed broken "utterly trust"-tooltip
    - The Tariffs Efficiency-value in economy screen are now shown with the correct amount of decimals.
    - It's no longer possible to click on a CoA that belongs to a country you havn't discovered yet.
    - A hotjoining player should no longer be able to press play/ready before the savegame is fully loaded.
    - Now possible to exclude ships by unit_type
    - Fixed and rearranged columns i subject screen
    - The checkboxes for ironman/RNW/observer in gamesetup are now buttons and WYSIWYG.
    - The lobby now writes "observer" as country name on the right side if observe mode is checked.
    - The gui for ironman- & RNW-checkboxes is now updated properly.
    - Fixed some issues where peace screen would display the wrong amount of prestige gained from certain peace deals
    - Fixed reversed names in support independence popup
    - Suggest Demands should now be better at being able to tell when a player wants a province or a vassal from the enemy
    - Fixed a bug where 'Leader may negotiate for us' was sometimes defaulted to on for players
    - Value for liberty_desire trigger is now presented as a percentage
    - Fixed tooltips for Inter Caetera to correctly display effects
    - Fixed tooltips for Native Trading Principles to display all benefits
    - Fixed a display issue in core tooltips where it would simultaneously show a core as expiring and never expiring
    - The tooltip on the terrain-GFX in province view now tells what other terrains that exists in that province.
    - The federation tooltip in the diplo view now always shows the correct leader.
    - The "change capital"-message now displays the correct capital name.
    - Default sort for protect trade is now "trader present", as that is usually what you want to send to.
    - The tooltip for annul treaties-option in peace offer view now shows what treaties that will annulled.
    - The entries in the loans-list now tells the total amount of money to repay.
    - The values in the tooltip for inflation change are now rounded correctly.
    - Removed the active country from the federation-list in diplo screen.
    - Added a checkbox to decisions to set whether or not you want to be notified about the decision being available to take
    - The message notification for reaching max improve relations now has a button for recalling your diplomat
    - Fixed some bad tooltips in call to arms diplo reasons
    - Fixed Liberty Desire Trigger tooltip.
    - Fixed a bug in peace view where the wrong diplo cost would be shown for certain peace options with valid wargoals
    - Added stars that represent the leader stats on the onmap interface for units.
    - Added leader stats to the tooltip for that unit.
    - Rewrote display of manpower from provinces to make the impact from goodsproduced actually visible.
    - Manufactories now display income primarily on the map, not tradevalue.
    - Buildings affecting goodsproduced now show income & manpower impact as well in tooltips.
    - Added inf/cav/art icons to unit tooltip.
    - If there are more than one leader in i unit stack, the correct number of stars are now shown on the onmap interface.
    - The chance for enforce peace is now working again.
    - Frankfurt's Stadtradt is now properly a regency
    - Removed triggers combining any_neighbor_province with is_empty which doesn't work
    - Event colonial.13 "Fur Trade Dwindles" will no longer trigger on a province that has just received its trade_good
    - Option A and C in event flavor_pol.3481 "The Struggle for Royal Power" now gives different MTTH to following events
    - Fixed wrong order of dates in 2012 - Arsigantegok
    - Exchanged direkt text with proper localisation keys in several playes in gui files
    - Changed some text positions in provinceview.gui to better fit with longer localisation
    - Fixed wrong localisation for option B in event flavor_tur.102
    - Removed alliance between Naples and Venice during Aragon's union with Naples
    - Event 5066 can no longer fire while the church_functions modifier is active
    - Fixed bad positions in "new colony"-popup.
    - The sort-buttons for native builds now works/looks better.
    - Added leader icons on units in outliner.
    - Added the name of the tradenode in some tooltips in trade mapmode.
    - Added a setting to enable/disable the floating chat text.
    - Fixed broken sortbuttons in subject view.
    - The liberation view is no longer stuck when closing with ESC.
    - Warscore from ticking wargoals is now displayed at the top of the warscore factor lists, instead of at the bottom.
    - The "is not ready"-tooltip (and "no in synch) in gamesetup is now shown as "X, Y and Z is not ready".
    - Added DLC-icons to the frontend like the once in CK2.
    - Fixed bug where the "release colony"-button was supposed to be disabled.
    - Shields for rebels no longer have the "havn't discovered"-tooltip.
    - Added shortcut for natives/subject view.
    - Fixed wierd text in tooltip for the message setting "popup and pause".
    - Fixed some broken tooltips in trade interface.
    - Fabricate Claim discover chance will no longer show "No modifiers" if a rival modifier is valid
    - Fixed inconsistency between trade goods tooltip on map and in the province interface.
    - Country names in end of game screen will no longer break rows.
    - Fixed wrong amount of decimals in tooltips for inheritance and union break in subjects view.
    - Clarified tooltip for reforming native government to show the core neighbour requirement.
    - Unittypes now updates immediately in macrobuild.
    - The "notify decision"-setting now works for all decisions.
    - Fixed a bug where lesser in union couldn't declare war on overlord.
    - Loading an ironman save will now show TI in game setup.
    - Province and capital name changes will now save even if you switch provinces instead of closing province view
    - The observe mode now selects the hosts country by default on startup.

    - Traderange from tech no longer gives access to the entire globe.
    - Added regent = yes to several non-character "rulers" in country history files
    - Merchant Adventures is now 25% range again.
    - Dutch Trading Spirit now gives +10% Trade Range as well.
    - vassalize_france mission is now about establishing a union instead
    - Events flavor_per.1 and flavor_per.2 now give the correct monarch points
    - Portugal is no longer ruled by a twelve-year-old
    - Event ideagroups.400 now works for protestant and reformed countries
    - TRP and TUN are now historical friends
    - FRA and BUR are now historical rivals
    - "Tariffs on " events now only give 1% liberty desire
    - Battles of Foreign Ground event during Liberalism now requires inflation and warexhaustion to trigger.
    - Will no longer get 'Convert Culture' mission for accepted culture provinces
    - Event 728 'Claims on our Rivals' will now only target rivals that have a valid province you can get a claim on.
    - Removed duplicated Donatello advisor
    - Added sculptor Leone Leoni as Italian advisor
    - Nudged postitions for 979 (Aleut) and 978 (Kenai)
    - Nudged positions for Midway
    - Mission change_province_culture will no longer target provinces of same culture group
    - establish_spanish_carribean, establish_spanish_main and establish_spanish_la_plata no longer triggers if region is owned by a subject
    - Event 6025 no longer give defensive_modifier/offensive_modifier if you have the opposite one
    - Event 6030 no longer gives offensive_modifier if you already have the defensive_modifier
    - Event 714 no longer triggers if you have defensive_modifier or offensive_modifier
    - Added second option to event colonial.1 and colonial.16 to add to existing colony
    - Added an event to inform Austria getting a union CB from event flavor_hun.2
    - Tweaked Construct Grand Fleet mission probability to be lower-.
    - Fixed a bug where AI native states could build normal buildings due to missing script triggers
    - When playing random new world: Trade routes leading to a trade node, located in random new world, not yet discovered is no longer visible on the map.
    - Tweaked several missions to have better triggers
    - Can no longer get the same mission twice
    - Funj should no longer spawn with lots of natives in it.
    - The General estates now requires inflation at at least 10, and 50 bankloans.
    - Fixed a few issues that made Napoleonic era not working as intended for France.
    - Bavarian Archbishops can only happen at an actual ruler change for Cologne now.
    - East India Traderoute triggered modifier is now available for americans and africans, and is no longer limited by <30% mercantilism.. effect is now +5% trade income.
    - Western Arms trade now reduc es techcost by 10% instead of 5%.
    - Some effects that gave +1000 manpower (which is irelevant), now give a full years manpower in a few events.
    - Merchant Shipping Act has been changed, and now gives +1 merchant as an effect, but is only available to countries with 5 ports, and requires full trade & naval ideas.
    - Importation Act is now just a trade bonus, but requires full trade & administrative ideas and nothing else.
    - Merchant Adventures now gives +33% trade range instead of +25%, allowing a trading netherlands to reach Western Europe.
    - Polish revolt events are a little bit stronger now.
    - Reaching max improve relations will no longer automatically recall your diplomat
    - Mission rule_the_seas now give 5 prestige
    - Mission construct_grand_fleet now give 10 navy tradition and 10 prestige
    - netherlands_nation only cedes French provinces to France if France exists
    - Event republics.3 can no longer fire for colonies
    - Event catholic_flavor.1 will no longer fire outside of Europe
    - Added colonial nation variants of event "Minorities flock to $PROVINCENAME$"
    - Colonies or AI former colonies can no longer form most formable countries
    - Added decision for the Pope to be able to move back his capital to Rome
    - Natives will no longer get missions to build buildings they can't build yet.
    - North American Natives now known about the Gulf of St.Lawrence, so they can trade there.
    - RFR no longer keeps its previous ruler as consul
    - Less stability gains in the revolutionary events for RFR
    - Fixed bad scopes in slave tradegoods
    - Haida and Miwok can now get resources when colonized.
    - The OR trigger in The French Revolution now checks for 50 and not 5 loans
    - Added republican tradition events for revolutionary republics
    - Added more events for a revolutionary France
    - flavor_fra.3132, flavor_fra.3133 & flavor_fra.3134 revised for new colonial mechanics
    - Reduced MTTH on flavor_por.2 "Atlantic Slave Trade" from 1000 to 600
    - Reduced MTTH on flavor_spa.1001 "Laws of Burgos" & flavor_spa.1002 "The New Laws" from 2000 to 1000
    - Event flavor_spa.1004 now triggers if provinces in North & South America is either owned by country or a colonial vassal
    - Removed event flavor_spa.3176
    - less_colonial_corruption modifier now gives 25% tariffs instead of 50%
    - Added missing russian cores to province history files to avoid too high OE in late game starts
    - Vasselize missions now give a cb for 25 instead of 10 years and abort on the cb expiring
    - Fixed a bug where nationalist rebels would not be valid due to no culture defection country
    - Event flavor_jap.41 "Heirless" can now only trigger for JAP if they are a monarchy
    - Event 5076 "Cities demand old rights" will no longer fire for natives
    - The has_new_dynasty trigger now works correctly
    - Giving into religious rebels changing your religion now gives a -3 stability hit (same as on convert)
    - Bohemia now has +10% (from 5%) Imperial Authoriy and +10% (from 5%) Infantry Power.
    - Hofgericht and Reichsregiment is now good for members as well.
    - civil_war.6 now has correct localisation for the event option
    - Fixed "Discoveries spread of Kola and Karelia" in log
    - Event 5061 "Saint performs miracle" now gives 50 papal influence
    - add_papal_influence effect now sets the actual scripted value
    - Moved the po_estuary_modifier from 112 Venezia to 113 Ferrara
    - Fixed type in "Miguel de Cervantes" event
    - Event 1081 "Papal State" will no longer fire if the papacy is no longer active
    - Event 1082 "The Papal State" will no longer fire if the papacy is no longer active
    - Shortened title for event flavor_rus.EVTNAME3415
    - Reworked the reforms events to be more relevant to eu4, and far more fun.
    - Cardinals now have less of an impact on spread of protestantism and reform.
    - flavor_fra.3790 no longer require Napoleon being ruler
    - Changed MTTH for event flavor_fra.3790 from 300 to 100
    - Spanish ownership over Friesland now uses same date as the rest of the Low Countries
    - Changed revolutionary_rebels to pretender_rebels in Calais
    - Changed Richard Plantagenet to Edward of York as leader of pretender rebels in Yorkshire
    - Changed color of Bijapur
    - Removed decision chinese_nation
    - Moved centralization bonus from chiniese_nation to flavor_mng.17
    - Event flavor_tur.102 now deducts money as intended
    - Added total_base_tax trigger
    - All vassalization missions require target country to have less than 25 total base tax
    - Mission insult_rival is not allowed if the target already has the insulted opinion modifier
    - change_controller effect should now work correctly
    - controlled_by = REB should now work correctly
    - Ulm now starts with a regent
    - Riga now has a regent after 1561
    - 426 - Mazandaran now discovered by eastern tech group
    - Salzburg country color is now a bit darker
    - Added GetTradeGoodsName text property to provincetext
    - Fixed broken trigger in event 4034 "Social reform"
    - Added chance of noble rebels in "The Revolutionary Republic" events
    - Renamed 722 - Jurim to Jirem
    - Renamed 660 - Xishuan Banna to Sibsongbanna
    - Tunis and Tripoli are in a union from game start to 1510 (to represent Hafsid Empire)
    - Fixed errors and updated/added names to Byzantine Empire and Trebizond

    - Updated all loading tips based on feedback from forum
    - Fixed spelling in nationalist_rebels_demand_desc
    - Changed a lot of adm/dip/mil-references in the localisation to icons.
    - Fixed spelling in IDEA_GROUP_NEEDS
    - Added better localisation for dynamic colony adjectives, i.e. "[Root.Culture.GetName] Louisiana" instead of just "Louisiana"
    - Renamed 'Form Chinese Nation' to 'Reform the Chinese Administraiton'.
    - Fixed several spelling errors in NEWCOLONIALCOUNTRY_5
    - Fixed localisation problem for LIBERATE_COLONY
    - Fixed missing end of desc_achievement_the_five_colonies
    - Nouvelle Flandre spelled Nouvelle-Flandre
    - Fixed bad grammar in EVTDESC870
    - Added missing localisation for Pequot culture
    - Fixed localisation for liberty_desire trigger
    - Fixed bad localisation for Japanese Sankin-Kotai idea
    - Fixed spelling in tradition_of_military_service
    - Fixed spelling in desc_corrupt_bureaucracy
    - Fixed spelling in LOADING_TIP_53
    - Fixed spelling in all hindustan_nation descriptions
    - Fixed spelling in ANNEX_WAREXHAUSTION
    - Fixed spelling of Stadtradt -> Stadtrat for AAC, ULM, FRN and RIG
    - Removed incorrect info about war taxes from WARTAX_OTHER_3
    - Removed incorrect into about war taxes from HINT_TAXES_TEXT
    - Removed incorrect into about war taxes from HINT_WARTAXES_TEXT
    - Fixed ambiguous protectorate classification in the tooltips for some diploactions.
    - befriend_threat_rival and befriend_rival_rival now have better localisation
    - Fixed the localisation for Saint Lawrence, Nelson and Hudson river estuaries
    - Updated CONNECT_TO_SHIP_DESC to account for new mechanics
    - Fixed grammar in MORALEDESCR
    - Fixed grammar in war_cabinet_desc
    - Fixed grammar in massed_battery_desc
    - Fixed grammar in ahom_diplomacy_desc
    - Fixed grammar in office_of_the_peshwa_desc
    - Fixed grammar in NOREDUCE_WAR_NO_WE
    - Fixed grammar in mediterranean_christian_fleet_desc
    - Fixed grammar in FABRICATECLAIMS_4
    - Fixed grammar in STEER_LATER
    - Fixed grammar in EVTDESC6609
    - Fixed grammar in purple_phoenix.3.d
    - Fixed missing localisation for event conquest_of_paradise.300 "Ban Fur Trade"
    - Re-wrote north_american_desc to fit the new mechanics
    - Removed wrong localisation for tag ZAN
    - Fixed spelling in revolutionary_republic_desc
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Dai-Phat cavalry, Ambush Infantry, Redcoat Infantry and Tercio Infantry
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Black Riders, Yaya Infantry, Muslim Mass Infantry and Qizilbash Cavalry
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Sowars, Musket Charge Cavalry and Muslim Dragoon
    - Fixed grammar/spelling for Defensive Asian Foot Soldier and Samurai Cavalry
    - Added missing localisation for support_independence

    - achievement_no_pirates_in_my_carribean now count vassals as well
    - It's no longer possible to get achievements in observe mode.
    - achievement_norwegian_wood is now valid if all provinces are owned by nation and/or subjects

    - Return core can now be scripted to give AE for returning cores to vassals by tweaking PO_RETURN_CORES_BADBOY
    - Added VASSAL_FABRICATE_CLAIMS to defines, if set to 1 vassals will use fabricate claims on foreign powers
    - Added VASSAL_BUY_ANY_PROVINCE to defines, if set to 1 vassals will buy provinces regardless of strategic interest
    - Exported DAYS_PER_PHASE to defines
    - Exported DAYS_PER_SIEGE_PHASE to defines
    - Exported COMBAT_DICE_SIDE to defines
    - Exported VASSALIZE_BASE_TAX_CAP to defines.
    - Exported protectorate tech cost difference threshold to lua defines

    by Published on 19-02-2014 11:24  Number of Views: 2534 
    1. Europa Universalis
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    Article Preview

    “In the dysfunctional family that is AWESOMEoutof10, I’m the curmudgeonly old grandfather, sitting out on the porch shouting at youths and trying to make people listen to stories about “the war”. The youngsters roll their eyes when I tell them about that bleak afternoon in Tenochtitlan when I faced down three tanks all on my lonesome, the year I spent pushing forward into Spain with a mercenary army or that time my best friend got his head blown off by a monstrous alien when we were attempting to rescue civilians."

    Read the full article here:
    by Published on 17-02-2014 11:35  Number of Views: 3379 
    1. Europa Universalis
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    4. Runemaster
    Article Preview

    Hey there everyone!

    Interview with Johan Andersson, studio manager at Paradox Development Studio at Pixelgate, enjoy!

    "I would say that the modding community is extremely vital for our games, however maybe even more so because they help others discover our games, we get inspiration from their work and it´s pretty marvelous to see all the creativity out there. Modders also help keep up interest in our games between versions or expansions by providing additional content and new scenarios for those that play our games a lot. We love our modding community and we have hired quite a few modders to PDS."
    Read the interview here: http://pixelgate.co.uk/paradox-development-studio-interview-the-importance-of-modding-dlc-the-future/
    by Published on 07-02-2014 11:25  Number of Views: 1295 
    1. Europa Universalis

    'Incomprehensible riches can be ours if we can but stretch our arms wide enough to dip from this eternal river of wealth.'
    Every Tuesday, at 15:30 CET at http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive

    You've been waiting for it, and it's finally here. A start to finish showcase of the Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations development, for your eyes to see. Every Tuesday, between 15:30 and 17:30CET we'll be livestreaming the latest build of of the game in a multiplayer environment live from the ominous Paradox Tower in Stockholm
    Pro-tip; Subscribe to the Paradox Extra Channel on YouTube and the Paradox Twitch Channel to know when new content from these session is being released.
    by Published on 04-02-2014 10:41  Number of Views: 2474 
    1. Europa Universalis
    Article Preview

    'Incomprehensible riches can be ours if we can but stretch our arms wide enough to dip from this eternal river of wealth.''

    Every Tuesday, at 15:30 cet at: http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive

    You've been waiting for it, and it's finally here. A start to finish showcase of the Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations development, for your eyes to see. Every Tuesday, between 15:30 and 17:30CET we'll be livestreaming the latest build of of the game in a multiplayer environment live from the ominous Paradox Tower in Stockholm

    What is this?
    For those of you that are new to this, we'll be showing off the beta version of Europa Universalis IV over the course of the development of ''Wealth of Nations''. we've previously done this with ''Conquest of Paradise'' with great success (The content for that can be found here.) and we're keen on showing you on how our process works at Paradox Development Studio and involving you as we create a new expansion for the game before your very eyes.

    So, what to expect? ...
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    1. Europa Universalis
    Article Preview

    New Expansion Adds Privateers, Trade Conflicts and Trade Companies

    STOCKHOLM — January 27, 2014 —
    Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games that practices fair trade, and Paradox Development Studio today announced Wealth of Nations, the second expansion to Europa Universalis IV, the award-winning empire building game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations will bring several new features to the game, focusing on trade, including the ability to secretly provoke trade conflicts, hire pirates to steal goods from your competitors, establish the East India Company and create a bustling trade capital for your nation. With several new possible ways to direct the wealth of the world into an empire’s coffers, Wealth of Nations will serve the needs of every gamer’s inner plutocrat.
    Cold hard cash is king, may the richest empire win. Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations will be given the (trade) stamp of approval for download from digital portals in Q2 2014.

    The expansion will feature:
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