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    1. Victoria
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    Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness Beta AAR: War. War never changes?

    Hi, there's one part of the coming expansion I am particularly excited about, and when at the end of the development cycle the time came for us humble but tireless betatesters to come out of "the mines" and write for the community, that's what I chose to showcase in my beta AAR.

    Many suggestions from the forum about land combat were heard and this part of the game has undergone vast changes in tech and balance. I think it'll be great prep before you get to play Heart of Darkness to find out what you're getting into. If you still wonder whether we need four types of cavalry this is the AAR to read and where a case will be made that yes, indeed we do.
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    1. Hearts of Iron
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    [Beta AAR] Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour For Your Eyes Only

    Hi guys,

    One of the more neglected aspects of the older versions of Hearts of Iron 3 was the espionage part of the game. A lot of actions there weren't really worth the leadership invested, some were exploits, and there were some issues with how the gathered data was presented to the player. A lot of people weren't happy with that screen, and quite a few outright ignored it outside of the most basic defensive actions.

    Their Finest Hour seeks to address those issues. The screen was cleaned up and reorganised. Some actions were removed, some were better integrated into the interface. The data is shown in a more clear way, and the interface and the AI changes mean players will want to visit this section more often than they used to in the past. ...
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    1. Hearts of Iron
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    [Beta AAR] Their Finest Hour - Explorations in Custom Game Mode

    Hi guys!

    Some people expressed their concern that the new Custom Game Mode gives unfair advantage to the player. A lot of people were curious how much manoeuvre it gives to the player. This AAR is meant as a response to that. I'm going to try to redeem the CGM (as we call it) in your eyes and explain how good an addition it is to the game.

    Let's take Italy for an example. Italians before the WW2 made a considerable commitment to expanding their navy. The decisions were made what ships to produce, with what equipment, how many and what their purpose was going to be. Italy was all over the place with their war plans, the potential battlefields and potential enemies in the future wars changed constantly for them. Their preparation was poor, their industry inefficient and lacking stockpiles of materials, and then they gave a good deal of what they accumulated to the Nationalists in Spain. ...
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    How come you have Berlin and we don't? How do I get bumped to your level of clearance? :-) Could you show some actual route planning for income? I'd like to see some bus routes that actually make $$$... ...