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    Oi oi

    My name is: Russ Odoni
    My forum nick: Naselus

    My name's Russ Odoni, I'm heading toward 30 years old at an alarming rate, and I putter about near Manchester in the UK. I was an IT support monkey for a few years from the age of 17, before going back to university and going into Economic Anthropology (which turns out offers fewer job opportunities than the modding I was doing in my spare time). I was originally an alpha tester for East vs West, but have since been promoted to Head of Research (doctrines and techs). I was also, perhaps not unsurprisingly, involved with designing the economy.
    As Head of Research, I've been responsible for designing and implementing the tech tree and, as a result, a big portion of the space race; everything from the number of techs, their pre-requisites, their effect, and even how they're arranged on the screen that the tech team develops. Since we have somewhere around two hundred different techs, that's been quite a task; even more so when each has up to ten levels. I cannot count the number of hours I've spent moving techs 5 pixels to the right or left. ...