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    (Never mind the potato-quality picture, this photo was scanned a few months ago and it had a bunch of dust on it)

    My name is: Gianluca Debiasi
    My forum nick: gianlucad

    Hello everyone! It's that time of the month where we introduce one of our team members, so let's begin shall we?

    My name is Gianluca Debiasi. I was born and currently live in the city of Porto Alegre in the great state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I am one of the coders in East vs West. It is my job to help add that extra bit of flavor to the game by adding events and decisions which will (or could) shape the course of history.
    The hardest part of event creation is finding that balance where both the events and their frequency are fair to the players, or more importantly, seen by the players as fair. In many cases, itís difficult to find that compromise between historical flavour and game balance. This takes a certain amount of creativity, and fiddling around with the variables to find that sweet spot where players and developers can both be happy with the results. ...