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    1. Victoria

    So, Vicky2 got a second expansion. And why not? Itís Paradox Development Studioís best game, and if it doesnít have the appeal of individual personalities of CK, the scope of EU or the hardcoreitude of HoI, it more than makes up for this by simulating some important stuff. You know, like the population, politics and the economy.

    So, as much as I loved it, I can admit it was lacking in some areas. I felt the map changed far too little in the century long span of the game. Colonisation was, frankly, pretty boring. Naval combat was largely irrelevant. And I kept finding myself harping on about a lack of immersion. Different countries played the same. Communist Mexico and Fascist Persia had little to distinguish them other than the colours on the map.

    So, when I saw the feature list for Heart of Darkness, I was pretty happy to say the least. Rather than giving you a breakdown of how each mechanic works, Iím going to give the perspective of an avid but ignorant fan who doesnít know how each and every part of the game works, buts knows whats he likes whens he sees its.
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    After going through all the great entries Paradox have decided that RedRalphWiggum is the winner of the contest and will be invited to come to Stockholm for the Paradox Convention in January.

    The competition was tough though! debar and his girlfriend with their remarkable manga drawings as well as safferli with his great play were two other candidates for the winning spot. Therefore, weíve decided that debar and safferli will be getting a secret second price around the time for the event. Weíll let you know when itís getting closer.

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