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HOI3 Wiki underway

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Over the past few days we've started the HOI3 Wiki. We are going to be putting quite a bit of effort into architecture and tools available. We are working to model the wiki on the HOI2 Wiki successes while avoiding the problems the EU3 Wiki has had. Currently, we are working on basic wiki rules, style guides, and general brainstorming.

Naturally, this is very early in the wiki development. The game isn't going to be released for several months, so the Wiki won't be open to the public until then. If you have any suggestions about how to continue high participation or ideas on how to better architect the wiki design, please let me know.


  1. humancalculator's Avatar
    Great, can't wait for it to come out.
  2. comagoosie's Avatar
    Good stuff, keep it up!
  3. EUROO7's Avatar
    What problems has the EU3 wiki had?
  4. bbasgen's Avatar
    Eur007: EU3 Wiki has had a structure that makes it very difficult to find content. In turn, this led to folks creating multiple pages that address the same subjects. Many people have contributed some very good quality work to that Wiki. The problem isn't with what people have contributed, but instead is a systemic problem of organization.
  5. Alex_brunius's Avatar
    Id like a wiki page for each txt file we can edit. Describing where and how its used, how to edit its parameters and what its relations are (If you change or add this name here you need to change it in these files too).
  6. CaptRobau's Avatar
    A wonderful idea once again. Once it is open to the public I'll add what I can.
  7. Hellvink's Avatar
    Very good, looking forward to it