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The Great Roll Forward - Part 1

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So, in the Bastion's thread today, I posted about a little conundrum that arose because I've been writing for too long: I finally caught up with the future.

It is something that I have been ignoring for some time now: the steady progress of time. BŠltikjŠ has been underway for three and a half years. One more semester and I get a degree, right? When I started writing this it was 2009. Think about what has changed since then: Obama had just been elected, bin Laden was alive, the regimes in Tunis, Egypt, Libya and Syria looked as stable as rocks, Sudan was a single country, and I was a sophomore at Purdue University.

Things change and they change rather dramatically, almost all at once. I follow the Arab Spring very intently, I love grabbing things to use when writing. The tropes and cliches of real life. In 2010, when Homelands (for whatever reason) didn't die... I began concocting a new time line, starting with the end of EU3 (then still only in IN). Reading my notes I have realized how much of it is in the past. Not just the updates, but important characters who are now figments of the past: their presidencies erased after years of politicing. Prussia would be celebrating twenty years since the end of Communism right now. It would be old news. Like 9/11 which does not grow dimmer in the memories of those there, but fades from the public consciousness. Today, eleven year old children go to school remembering 9/11 as something that is before their time. I might not remember it, but I was alive when the USSR fell apart. And I do remember when the Yugoslav wars flared up and down in the nineties. I remember searching from grandfather's globe for "Yugoslavia". I remember that globe, with all of its weird errors. Most of the African countries were labeled as possessions, there were two Germanies... it makes you think.

Anyway, so the "end" of BaltikjŠ had been pegged for 2012, because that's when I thought I'd be done. Ha.

But now it is 2012. It isn't just some future date anymore. At my current rate it would probably take another SEVEN YEARS to finish BŠltikjŠ. Seven. I'll be 30. I'll probably have kids and be in a different job if not a different city. Seven years. So that means BŠltikjŠ needs a new end point. I've thought about it, and I think I am going with 2024. So far I've had to add new heads of state for Prussia. I've also had to start adding some countries and fixing a few borders. One of those is the focus of the new arc in Bastions so you should check it out.

In the mean time, watch this space as I give some updates that might not see as much over in AARland, but I think are worth noting.