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Europa Perfecta - Update 1

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Well better now than later. I was originally going to post this in a week so that I could include all of the changes I make this week, but lets be honest, that is just another form of procrastination. For this update, I shall include everything I have included in the mod so far, plus one of the big features of the game. Comments (just to prove to me that people might read this, and for feedback of course) are ALWAYS appreciated, good or bad. This is a mod for the community, not for just me!

First off: The Holy Roman Civil War. Never thought you would see that, now would you? This feature implements a system of "memory" for nations of the HRE and their relation to other country's as the emperor or as members in general. Should one member be very disliked by his members (and especially the emperor) then he is able to be ousted by event, with a few other things in there. Now, should this ousted member have a powerful standing, OR the emperor himself be in that ousting situation with many powerful enemies within the empire, the settings for a civil war occur. The entire empire is thrown into a war against each other, and given powerful CB's to take land from people belonging to the other side. In the end, a few things could happen. One powerful member/emperor could be ousted, the entire lousing side could be annexed/ousted and then annexed later (since powerful cb's will remain available for a bit) or my favorite, the empire will collapse, with everyone trying to expand their influence as fast as possible. Oh how anarchistic I am!

So that is almost finished being coded, although certainly could be perfected and made bug free. It is much more difficult to do than I had thought.

Second: Colonial revolters. I created one, and gave him a system of his culture appearing under the right conditions, spreading naturally, and then finally giving him a war of independence should he so choose. If the conditions become right and the culture of people are displeased, they are given ALL of their provinces of that culture, cored, and then they may fight a war against one SINGLE enemy. The other enemies will be given CB's, but weak ones. This is to prevent a country from revolting and then fighting a war against every single European country that had one province in them.

Thirdly: Culture. The most important word I can think of in this mod. The culture system which is half implemented (and will be perfected right up to release) is the idea that culture defined people before nations did. As I have said before, to own the Crown of Holland before nations meant nothing except that you owned Holland. It did not imply you were Dutch, although if the people of Holland were Dutch you would expect a Dutch monarch.

This culture system which I am creating gives a more fluid spread of culture before 1650 to represent war, strife, and new owners etc. on provinces and how the people assimilate. If Aragon held onto Italy for 250 years, the people would most likely speak Spanish. If Italians were slowly evicted due to war or natural causes from Italy, The balkans/alps/France would slowly become part Italian. Then, when nations began to appear based on nationalism, why would Italy be in the Italian region and not the Italian Cultured place? Why would a Spanish nation be called Iberia when clearly that forgets about the historically Spanish Italian region?

Such an example in real life of a culture change like so is the Roman invaders of England, than Saxon, than Norman. Each time the culture of the land changed drastically.

Which brings me to
Fourthly: The schism (because that word is cooler than split) of culture groups. It came to my attention at one point that the Dutch are truly a historically German culture. The reason they became "Dutch" and developed their own language was due to... well variosu reasons that I don't quite understand. Something to due with Spanish ownership and then Austrian and just really being split away from the Empire. So why then, if another culture became powerful or split, would it remain in a culture group to which it was slowly diverting from? If the Austrians left the holy roman empire and inherited Hungary in 1500, and then stayed a nation of two cultures for hundreds of years, why would they relate better with Germans in Holland than Hungarians within their borders? They would simply become their own South Eastern German culture. Maybe not close enough to be considered Hungarian, but certainly different enough from the peoplethe north of them to be considered the same. This feature would have me implementing MANY alternate culture groups and a union nation for them. In theory, North German Federations or South German Federations or East or West. The NGF and the SGF were simply based on religious differences, but what if the reformations happens east to west? Doesn't religion get a say in culture at all?

And so ends my update. No pictures for today though, I am sorry!