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My Saturday night

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So happened earlier tonight.

I and two of friends were watching hockey, playing NHL 12, drinking beer and enjoying Sauna and generally having a good time while the fourth one, once again in a condition of near passing out from beer, liquor and weed. Of course the liquor wasn't his but one of my other friends. So this dude who drank my friends liquor didn't want to come to the sauna (now that I think of it, thank god he didn't) but decided to sleep on the sofa. Well me and the other two went to sauna couple of times and everything seemed fine until we were about to come out of the sauna for the final time. One of my friends wanted to go out first only to find this fourth guy, who previously slept on the sofa, opening the shower room door making a 180 degree turn while throwing up all over the wall, shower curtain, floor and the door, the corridor behind him leading to WC also got it's share of vomit, so did the WC door from inside, the WC seat itself, the wall behind the seat the wall next to the seat, my scale weight on the floor, the mat on the floor. And that's not all. When we finally got out from the shower room we found out the shower room door had also taken hit, the hallway walls were casualties of this vomit terrorist. Also the floor had bits and pieces here and there, what might have previously been some kind of food. Casualties also include parts of living room floor, mat, wall and the sofa. My TV and Xbox 360 had been spared from this disaster.

So you can guess what my reaction was. I kept my head cool and instead of shouting out loud and starting to cut peoples fingers, I used my Michael Corleone authority voice and made this vomit terrorist clean his mess. Of course I had to order this couple of times before the dude managed to rise up from the sofa and start cleaning. This of course took a long time because he insisted that he wanted to go on smoke first which I pretty much denied by threatening to throw him out with his stuff right away. This cleaning episode took about 20 minutes with many breaks where he thought that he had cleaned all. I had to point out places for him to clean. After another 20 minutes I decided that if I wanted the mess cleaned I better do it myself. Thank full one of my friends offered to help cleaning the shower room.

Well of course if I had known that this vomit terrorist would blow himself out in my place I would have bought every kind of cleaning equipment there is and a lot WC paper and kitchen paper. Well of course I only had two rolls of WC paper left. Now all my towels are waiting for a total clean up in the washing machine. And a lot of new kitchen towels were created. So after about an hour I had managed to clean the mess. Of course the smell still remains here and I think I need to do another cleaning sweep in the morning. Also I made it very clear to everyone in the apartment that now we had now WC paper or any paper at all. But this is not all. Lets say 30 minutes later this vomit terrorist rose up from the sofa and mumbled something while walking towards the WC. Soon we hear the door locking, belt hitting the floor and few minutes later I hear my name called with the following question "Is there any toilet paper?". In this point all I could do was to laugh my ass off.

This is of course the last time he comes to my place.

So how was your Saturday night?
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  1. Woody Man's Avatar
    Drinking beer and smoking weed is like pissing in the wind.

    -Freewheelin' Franklin
  2. Baynard's Avatar
    That made me laugh. Unfortunately my Saturday night was spent doing work.
  3. casual's Avatar
    Wow disaster, that's why i like to visit people better than welcom them at my place, when there is going to be allot of drinking.

    Thx for the early hour laugh!