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Werewolf Game Statistics

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Gigau's History in the WereWolf games

WereWolf Big

Werewolf CXXV ~ A revolting Revolution (GM : jacob_lundgren)
As Edmond Dantès
• Won on day 9

Werewolf CXXVI ~ Werewolf Wagon Train (GM : Rendap)
As Bret Maverick
• Lynched on day 6

Werewolf CXXVII ~ The First Crusade (GM : the_hdk)
As Sieur Gilles d'Obaix, royal cartographer
• Lost by parity on night 8

Werewolf CXXVIII ~ The Fox and the Werehound (GM : Najs)
As Gilles Désiré Dominé des Landres, French representative
• Hunted by cowardly wolves on night 4
• Subbed back in on day 5 for marty99
• Hunter-killed a Commie wolf on night 7
• Lynched on day 10

Werewolf CXXIX ~ Station 129 (GM : Ciryandor)
As Ronnon Dex
• Lynched on day 5

Werewolf CXXXVI ~ Doom of the Wereyak 7 : They Will Never Know It's Christmas, 1984 (GM : Yakman)
As Bono
• Lynched on day 3

Werewolf CXXXVII ~ Convoy PQ17 to Murmansk (GM : Rendap)
As Professeur Tryphon Tournesol
• Won on day 7

Werewolf CXXXVIII ~ The Secret of the Swordfish (GM : reis91)
As Philip Mortimer
• Hunted on night 9

Werewolf CXXXIX ~ Pining for the Fjords (GM : johho888)
As Grosbaf the Seasick Seaman
• Hunted by cowardly wolves on night 0
• Subbed back in on day 7 for OrangeYoshi as Hardergigau Grosbafson
Turned by Cliges on night 9
• Won on day 13

Mean Survival Length : about 8 days

WereWolf Lite

Werewolf Lite CCXXX: A Clash of Kings (GM : the_hdk)
As Martin the n00b Archer
• Hunted on night five

Werewolf Lite CCXXXI - OMGZ Its Werewolf Lite! (GM : Adamus)
As a girl who plays with gasoline and a match
• Lynched on day 5, after having the Voice of the JL lynched and the Seer hunted
In the aftermath of the game :
Quote Originally Posted by EUROO7 View Post
Gigau deserved a better pack. I hope to be in a pack with you someday, my friend.
Quote Originally Posted by Suirantes View Post
So that you may teach him the arts of the Dark side?
Quote Originally Posted by EUROO7 View Post
The force is already strong in him. One need only give it direction.

Werewolf Lite CCXXXII: Two Dukes, that's one two many (GM : gigau)
as Count Guillaume IV de Hainaut
• Bourguignon (Villager) Victory

Werewolf Lite CCXXXIII: Disciples of Slaanesh (GM : telesien)
As Brother Gilles de Bouillon, of the Knight Order of Sylvania
• Lynched on day 2

Werewolf Lite CCXXXIV: Burkina Faso, 2164 (GM : tamius23)
As Bouake Madu'Wa
• Lynched on day 2

Werewolf Lite CCXXXV: The Empire Strikes Back (GM : Najs)
As Greedo
• Lynched on day 7

Werewolf Lite CCXXXVI: Uniting the Lotus and the Papyrus (GM : gigau)
As Jackal
• Alliance of the Fierce Catfish of Horus (Villager) Victory

Werewolf Lite CCXXXVII: Monster Reunion (GM : esemesas)
As Gollum
• Hunted on night 3 after having two wolves lynched

Werewolf CCXXXVIII ~ And now for something completely different - Take 2 (GM : Rendap)
As Docteur Maboul
• Hunted on night 3

Werewolf CCL ~ WereCats in Sparta (GM : Najs)
As Garfield
• Won on day 5

Werewolf CCLI ~ A True History with Lycanthropes (and Apologies to Lucian) (GM : Cliges)
As Captain Jack Aubrey
• Lynched on day 2

Werewolf CCLII ~ Light Warriors Assemble ! (GM : jacob-Lundgren)
As the Mouse
• Subbed out on day 4 because of a no-vote by Najs (who wins)

Werewolf CCLIII ~ USS Bronstein (GM : Rendap)
As the XO Gigau Haddock
• Subbed out on day 3 because of a no-vote by Lord Strange

Mean Survival Length : about 4 days

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    New update :
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    Updated with the end of WW CXXXIX