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Le Chateau de Loches, one of Foulque Nerra's castles - Part 2

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Les Chateaux de la Loire :

Loches, one of Foulque Nerra's Castles - Part 2

Following of Part1...

In march of 1429, Charles VII had met a young woman from Donremy (Lorraine) who urges him to kick the Anglois out of France. She starts out by lifting the siege of Orleans in may. In june of the same year, Jeanne d'Arc comes to Loches, where the Court is installed. She asks him to go to Reims to be crowned King of France, which he will do, turning the tides of the Hundred Years' War.

Charles VII was married with Marie d'Anjou, daughter of the Duke of Anjou and titulary King of Naples. But he also had an official royal mistress Agnes Sorel, to whom he gave the Castle of Loches. A small and fun fact about Agnes Sorel : one of her daughter with Charles VII married a Jacques de Brézé. Their son Louis married Diane de Poitiers, royal mistress of frnech king Henri II. From this filiation, one can trace down to the Houses of France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Yougoslavia, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Roumania, Savoy, Parma, Two-Sicilies, Württemberg, Calabria, Aosta, two imperial families (France and Brazil), and several branches of the families of Liechtenstein, Greece and Tuscany.
Agnes Sorel is interred in the Church of Saint Ours, which is located between Foulques Nerra's keep and Charles VII's Royal House.

After Charles VII's death, Louis XI will abandon Loches for the Castle of Amboise he prefers. He will transform the keep into a state prison.
Later, Anne de Bretagne, wife to two kings of France, Charles VIII and his cousin Louis XII, in a french move to permanently annex the Duchy of Brittany (i might come back on this episode later with the Castle of Langeais), spent much time in the Royal House of the Castle of Loches, far from the restless life of the Court.
She had an oratory built :

Along with the laces, you might recognize the Ermine of the coat of arms of Bretagne.

Among the prisonners at the Castle of Loches, we can find Cardinal Balue, almoner of Louis XI. He became Premier of the Grand Conseil, but was later compromised in the capture of Louis XI by Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold, at Peronne. He was later freed after the intervention of the Pope. He became Legate and moved to Rome.
Also, Lodovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, handed over to Louis XII de France by his own Swiss mercenaries and who died in Loches in 1508.
Louis XVI later imprisonned the Englishmen captured during the french intervention during the American Revolution.

If you ever come in Tourraine for a trip back in time, the Castle of Loches should definitely on your list of places to visit.

See you some day for a new castle along the Loire...

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