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Post Your Victoria II Empire

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My first game ever. Playing France. Had a ton of great wars in the game. My main goal at first was to simply break up the UK by making them release India and her other colonies but it quickly turned into a rush for land to stay ahead of the UK. And after NGF betrayed me during a great war with the Bourgeoisie Dictatorship of Great Britain (they lost a few times to rebels after each great war, going from HMS to Bourgeoisie to Democracy to Socialist Democracy) I decided to cut them down to size and take the whole Rhineland region.

After a 3rd or 4th war with the UK, France had so much access money and resources (tanks) that they could just devour the countries around them. Infamy didn't matter, most of the other nations didn't want to get involved (although GB and China formed and alliance that was hard to deal with at times). Years of fighting GB yielded almost all of India; it wasn't easy. At times they occupied the entire sub continent, and the French soldiers barely hung onto the southern tip with 400,000 French vs 700,000 Brittish.

There was a lot of diplomatic focus, and I would say we built up an impressive sphere. Allies include: Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Piedmont, Parma, Modena, Sweden, Montenegro, Oranje, that other boer country, Nepal, that tiny country between Nepal's provinces, Siam, Cambodia, Johore, Papal Congo (sphered, not allied).

I would imagine this might make a good HOI Scenario with the USA (with Mexico, USCA, Columbia, Egypt, Papal States, Netherlands, NGF) GB (with Two Sicilies, China, and Austria. Turkey), and France leading separate factions. There's no communist or fascist states all game, excluding Peru and Argentina, who got mad about all their land being taken. They swapped between so many government forms it was hard to keep track. I think Peru is Communist and Argentina is Fascist. The dividing factor would be that everyone who isn't allied to France hates them. Not sure where Russia would fit in, but they're the ones I'm afraid of. I was literally messing with the US' sphere but I did nothing to Russia; they were sending sizable expeditions to Spain over a debt, I think.

First fascist country: Scotland. Venezuela is in southern Egyptian (and fighting for more). America is in Ethiopia. Paraguay took out Bolivia single-handedly.

Great powers France didn't fight with: Russia, Mexico, Ottoman Empire