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Belgium, a country like no other

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Since 2003, i moved from Montpellier (France) to Charleroi in Belgium. I have come to love its inhabitants and amazed about how the country works... or doesn't work ?

The remarkable thing is that the funniest videos about the crazyness of the strange country are made by the belgians themselves.

A colleague of mine, in Liège, showed me this video... i laughed so much that i wanted to share it with you :



  1. Enewald's Avatar
    Nice. +1
  2. Inner Circle's Avatar

    i propose to split Belgium between Germany, France and the Netherlands... Problems solved
  3. Alan deLane's Avatar
    Well done! (Both the video and sharing it with us)

  4. Ruwaard's Avatar
    Ah the fascinating political structures of our neighbors (I'm Dutch). Although at this rate, they will get the world record for the longest federal government formation ever. However when I'm honest and knowing a bit of the history of our southern neighbors, every side has a point (however every side seems to be a bit insensitive towards each other); the tricky bit is to have them all accept a compromise, which can be hard when there are no real federal parties. Like I said, it is very fascinating. BTW nice video (and about the monolingual bit in the Flemish region, their history has made them quite sensitive about these things; in fact some Flemish even think, that the Dutch should be a bit more concerned about our common language)
    Updated 07-02-2011 at 00:43 by Ruwaard
  5. Domitius Ulpian's Avatar
    I've seen this video a few days ago *g* . I watched "Who is Herman van Rompuy?" before.
  6. the_hdk's Avatar
    Crazy Belgians they should just cut it up between France (Wallonia) and Netherlands (Flanders + all the hot chicks).
  7. gigau's Avatar
    But those crazy wallonians don't want to join my great country

    Like you, dear Ruwaard, i think they both have a point... but they refuse to see it. They are soon to beat the world record of a country without actual government... which is currently held by Iraq.

    Anyways, political news can be quite entertaining
  8. greek strategos's Avatar