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    Estonian dawn:

    Time = 2014+
    After a renewal of tensions in Estonia with large scale violence between estonians and russians, the russian government has decided to protect the rights of russian estonians by establishing order in this country.
    Simultanously with a ground assault, a baltic fleet task force centered around a Mistral class has left Kaliningrad to carry out naval landings on the Gulf of Riga coast to link up with a ground assault from Pskov and to take the island of Ösel.
    NATO light infantry units (German and British paratroopers) have been deployed Estonia and are in danger of being cut off.

    Get the naval task force in the Gulf of Riga without losing the Mistral or too many escorts. Destroy the NATO airfields at Tartu and Talinn

    Prevent a flanking landing in the Gulf of Riga by either sinking russian amphibs or preventing them from entering the Gulf.
    Preserve Tartu Airfield and Tallin international as resupply airfields for NATO ground forces in country.

    Time of year: Fall. Fair weather typical baltic October temperatures

    - Amphibious landing force
    1 Mistral class LPD
    1 Sovremeny class destroyer
    1 Gorshkov Class frigate (1 Ka-28)
    1 Udaloy I class destroyer (1 Ka-28)
    2 Steregushchiy class corvettes (1 Ka-28)

    3 Lada class SSKs

    Air Assets:
    Kaliningrad Chalkovsk: 12-24 Su-27SKs (air supriority)
    Pskov Airbase: 12-24 Su-35s (air supriority) and 8-16 MiG-29K (50/50 land attack and naval strike)
    (numbers can vary according to balancing issues)
    2 A-50s
    4 Il-78
    4 Il-38s (ASW)
    Perhaps leave out Kaliningrad air base to make things less complicated.

    Ground assets:
    S-400 Battalion in Kaliningrad area
    Ground based Yakhont unit in Kaliningrad area

    German Navy ASW group:
    1 Sachsen Class Frigate (1 NH90/Sea Lynx)
    2 Brandenburg Class Frigates (2 NH90)

    Polish SAG:
    3 Project 206 Vikhr (to simulate polish missile boats)
    1 Gawron class (1 Sea Lynx)

    2 Type 212 class submarines

    Air Assets
    Malbork Air Base:
    12-24 JAS 39 Gripen as substitute for polish F-16s (50/50air supremacy/naval strike)
    2 E-3
    4 KC-767
    4 P-3C Orion

    Siauliai Air Base:
    12 Eurofighter Typhoon

    Tallin international and Tartu Airfield none, only SAM defenses

    Russian Amphib group off the Lithuanian coast heading north at full speed.
    German SAG north of Kaliningrad
    Polish SAG a litte farther north, just out of ASM range of amphib group.
    Russian subs operating in the same general area as german ships.
    German subs patrolling before the Gulf of Riga

    Air ops:
    Su-27s conduct BARCAP over the russian amphib group.
    Pskov: Su-35 conduct offensive CAP over Estonia/Latvia. MiGs conduct air strikes on estonian airfields
    AEW/Tanker support
    Il-38s make ASW patrols over the Gulf of Riga

    Gripens conduct offensive CAP over the Baltic while avoiding Kaliningrad airspace (due to ROEs and S-400s) while conducting strikes against the russian amphib group
    Tankers and AWACs support
    Orions support German SAG in ASW operations north of Kaliningrad
    Eurofighters conduct defensive CAP over Estonian airfields and Siauliai

    (Scenario would be a lot cooler with some additional units, most notably F-16s)
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