• New War of the Roses trailer launched for E3 2012

    Mounted Combat, Knight Customization, and Team-based Warfare Showcased in New Media

    NEW YORK ó June 1, 2012 ó Oh, were you planning to lay siege on that castle? Well, we have horses, so weíll just seize it first; you can answer with steel if you donít agree. Paradox Interactive today revealed new in-game footage for ambitious third-person game War of the Roses, a visceral team-based medieval combat title coming to PC in early fall. For the first time infull, glorious HD, aspiring knights can get a glimpse at the gameís mounted combat, and learn what it looks like when a gleaming battleaxe is headed their way at a thundering gallop.

    In addition to a healthy dose of skirmish on horseback, the new trailer and screenshots show off some of the variety available for players to customize their own knights. Swordsmen, archers,and combatants of all description will have a chanceto express themselves through a large combination of appearance options, all before entering battle against other brave champions, both equestrian and footed, as they aim to raise their swords up high in victory. That is, of course, if they donít join a largely homogenous pile of crimson-soaked corpses first.

    View the video at View the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCw-dtaDXyY

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