• This iS A-R-D-A-N-I-A! - Warlock: Master of the Arcane AAR

    Hello and welcome. I have been asked to write a brief AAR of a game of Warlock: Master of the Arcane. My aim therefore will be to provide a taster of gameplay for those you of who have or haven't tried the demo or may just be interested to see if the game has anything to offer.

    This AAR will be purely in the style of retold gameplay. Where I can I will note my thoughts at the time or decisions taken in terms of strategy and tactics used and why. To allow some idea of how the action unfolds. I hope to add some humour to the exposition, but as I have been told my humour is pretty weird, probably not so much.

    Here a little info about myself:
    Name: 2Coats
    Title: Warlock novice
    Race: Er... divine god wannabe
    Age: A little older than the rogues. A little younger than the Old Trolls. Much, much younger than the elves and dwarves.
    Current experience: 200+ beta hours. (I'm not revealing the exact number, lest I get into trouble.
    Designs, aims, goals: Total world conquest. Failing that casting the Unity spell, destroying a gods avatar or just having fun.

    For this game I have the following configuration options set:
    Difficultly: Impossible, no softies here. CHECK!
    World Type: Continent. CHECK!
    World Size: Normal, so not to big and not to small. Just right, at least for the AAR. CHECK!
    World Type: Cylindrical. For some reason the other settings mess with my skeleton's GPS. Just kidding. CHECK!
    Additional Worlds: Three. As I want to show a few of these lovely vacation spots off. CHECK!
    Rival Great Mages: Four. Well I have to be able to fight someone. It would be boring otherwise. CHECK!

    Note: that the final two settings are dependent on the World Type and World Size options set.

    Now its time to ready my leader. I select King Lich the V. His base set-up to use undead units and buildings. This is gonna be somewhat fun and scary, as most of my game time has been split between human and monster factions. Immediately I customise his perks & spells. I remove both spells and add the Mana Vault perk. As I am playing the undead I want to maximise my starting pool of this resource. Gold is vital to, but if need be I will balance income of this resource with cities built to generate gold.

    So now were set. Feel free to chip in advice or comments. It's all welcome.

    Lets unleash the undead hordes....

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