• Starvoid dev diary #3 - Manufacturer: MOX

    Hi again!

    I'm back to share some joy from inside the Starvoid team. This time, I'll be going into the details about one of our droid manufacturers MOX.

    MOX is a manufacturer renown for its heavy armored units and consistent quality. They bring devastating fire power to the battlefield, especially in the form of mortars, grenade launchers and other area of effect weapons. They also bring a sub-theme of stealth detection and defensive support units, but most of all do they focus on the heavy armor part. This does however make all their units overall pretty slow - but hey, let 'em run if they want. MOX beats 'em in a fair fight.

    You could ask the Lord to protect you... but hes usually busy.
    Id rather put my faith into 12 inches of steel.

    MOX started off as a manufacturer of colonization equipment for dangerous and hostile planets, back in the days when the Rim was first colonized. They made a large selling point out of their superior safety and protection against whatever was thrown at the colonists on newly discovered planets. MOX quickly saw their potential in bringing the same motto onto the battlefield after the colonization era had peaked and the corporation conflicts began.

    Now let's reveal a few of MOX's units.

    These fellas are really heavy. Its the heaviest droid squad available in the game at this point. They come in small squads, but their massive armor still makes them able to soak up more damage than any other squad. Their standard issue weapon is their trusty Blockbusters - a short range but powerful grenade launcher to rip enemy squads apart with ease. These droids also come with a set of flare launchers which allow them to detect nearby stealthed enemies.

    Since MOX have the heaviest droids, they do of course also have the heaviest tank. The Waymaker is able to take a heavy beating before going down and is equipped with a short range Leveler Cannon that has a huge area of effect to clear out enemy droids, tanks and commanders alike. To make best use of its short range cannon, despite its slow speed, it has the ability to rev its engine above its maximum for a short duration, to fearlessly smash into the enemy front line.

    The Protectors are MOX's heavy weapon team. A small squad equipped with heavy armor, by standard equipped with the fearsome Cleavehammer Cannon a low rate of fire heavy machine gun that fires bullets almost as large as small cannon shells. The Protectors can also fire special issue Cleaver rounds when needed that are effective against enemy heavy vehicles.

    And that's it for MOX for this time. Next week we'll be providing you with more information about Arachron Industries a manufacturer that focuses on angry, insectoid droids.

    Have fun, play safe!
    Rasmus Davidsson, Game Director at Starvoid
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