• CK II - 1.05 Development Diary - 1 of 3 - March 30th 2012

    When the 1.05 updated for Crusader Kings II is released there will be DLC's associated with available for purchase at the same time. However, in this series of development diaries, we aim to detail what you will get for free from it. This update is planned to be released on April the 17th and has three major sets of new features we will talk about every friday until then.

    One of the things we personally thought was not the best feature of CKII was the crusades system. It was rather similar to the system we had in the original game, and while it technically worked, it just did not feel entirely right. So we wanted to overhaul this in the game when we had some extra time. So for the first major content update, this was a given.

    First of all, Crusades now target an entire de jure kingdom. Also, the actual crusade is one common war, that the Pope declares and other rulers can join. The one ruler contributing the most to the crusade will gain the targetted Kingdom, if the war is successful. This means that crusades have the potential to be more powerful than before, but also relies on the abilities of the Pope to get a coalition going.

    Of course, we have now added the possibility for a ruler to ask to join another ruler's war, for some types of wars, even though you are not allied. This is a feature that was primarily added to make the big crusade wars more fun, but it is also available if you for example want to help someone become independent.

    One feature we thought would fit this brilliantly was the concept of attached armies. It was originally conceived of for this system, where you might be a small count, but would like to participate in the grand crusade without your small army being lost alone. We have tried it out in the latest patches for V2 and EU3, and now its in its full glory. When you give the order to one of your units, it will attach itself to the strongest friendly army in the same province, and then follow that one around, fighting together with it.

    Finally, as we mentioned earlier, participating in a war and doing things are now rewarding. Participants in wars now get a contribution score which determines how much prestige and piety they get when the war ends. This is a good reason for a smaller count to join in on a crusade, even though he may himself not be crowned King of Jerusalem, he may end up with a lot of prestige and piety from it.

    Join us again next week, when we talk about more shady stuff
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