• A Game of Dwarves - Development Diary #4

    Hi guys,

    We're marching onwards towards the next milestone over here. In one week it's off to San Francisco to meet the press, after that we're closing up on the alpha so there is a lot of things going on right now here at the Zeal office.
    This week I'm thinking I should talk some more about the stuff you build in the game.
    First some information about the design thoughts we have about the buildings.
    There where initially three contending ideas;

    1. Should the player build small buildings such as green houses and the likes of that, as you mostly do in real time strategy games, you may for instance build a barracks to train military troops.

    2. Should the player build separate objects? So when the player want a dining room, he builds each furniture by himself, placing tables, chairs, lights and whatever he deems fitting into the room.

    3. We also considers that the dwarves should build what they wanted, to have a system in place that made the dwarves basically play the game themselves. But as you might guess that turned out non-interactive as well as technically advanced, so yeah a bad idea.

    You should be able to figure out (from the screenshots and concept art) that we went with the separate object deal. Meaning that the player gets to build chairs, beds and many other objects. These objects can be built from different materials, resulting in other types of the same object. For instance you can build beds from either stone, wood, marble, dreadstone.Each and everyone of these beds have different stats and grants the player different amounts of energy when slept in. This goes for most of the objects in the game, beside some unique stuff that can only be built with certain materials.

    There is a lot of work going on this week so I'll have to stop here for now. I'll see you next week when I think I'll be doing the first of my Q&A, so if you have any more questions throw them at me.

    some of the beds I mentioned above

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