• A Game of Dwarves - Development Diary #3

    We're back for another dev diary from a Game of Dwarves!

    This week I intend to look at combat and maybe talk some more about building, this means I'll have to get into the different kinds of military dwarves as well. Firstly though I have to say that since we're not even in alpha some of these things might be susceptible to change.

    The basic military dwarf starts out as a melee fighter, he got a basic axe can fend of the most basic forms of enemies on the surface. He might have some trouble with enemies found in caves, but with courage and some friends he could defend the settlement during the early stages of a game.
    However as you all know, the deeper you dig, the harder enemies get, so our military dude needs to hone his skills and become stronger.
    There are two main ways for the military dwarf to gain experience, either you send him into combat on the higher layers that you think he can handle This gives loads of experience as well as more resources stolen from enemy caves.
    However he could also find himself outnumbered and die! There must be safer ways to gain experience, well yes, you can build training dolls that your military dwarves can use to increase in level. Only problem with this is that the dolls are rather expensive and hitting them with axes and hammers have a tendency to break them, making training a costly business.

    So how does experience make your dwarves stronger? Well in two ways, each level gives your dwarf a small bonus to all his stats (such as damage or health) kinda basic. However there is a more interesting aspect of leveling, at some certain levels the dwarves will advance. The basic military dwarf have the option of either becoming a fighter or a spear thrower. And of course these advance classes have further developments and so on!
    This means that the player can customize his army to fit his play style. Do you like to build your settlement to look like a gauntlet with marksmen (marksdwarves?) standing on ledges, go ahead. Would you rather have a melee force to send into the enemy stronghold, do that.

    What I want to do is give the player a challenge and a set of tools, then let the him loose on the world. I'm looking forward to see how you tackle everything I throw at you. This goes for more than just the combat but every challenge in the game.

    (some of the concepts for the military dwarves seems fitting this week)

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