• AHD DD15 - Keep the good times rolling

    Hello! I thought I'd fill you guys in on whats happening with A House Divided now after after release. It seems like people are pretty happy with it, which also makes me very happy, but that is no reason to stop updating and adding things. We are currently hard at work on the 2.2 patch, which I hope we can release as a public beta patch during next week and I'm going to tell you about a few of the features and changes in it.

    Naval Rally Points
    This was one of those things we didnít really know if people would want or not, and it turned out they did. So we added it

    You can set any port where you can dock ships as a rally point. otherwise it works the same way as regular rally points

    Auto-split units for transport
    A personal pet-peeve of mine we finally got done. The load-onto-transport button for armies will change if you have too many troops to split off a perfect sized chunk so you donít have to do so manually. I can't imagine how I did naval invasions before.

    Attachable units
    You can now attach a unit to another friendly unit owned by AI, or another player in MP. It will then follow them around and help. Great if you are in a big war and want to lend UK some of your fleet.

    Visible country borders
    There have been a few mods who do this also, but they have had problems on some graphics cards. Its now a supported feature and looks really nice, particularly when in mapmodes like nationality where you want to be able to see national borders still.

    Promotion/demotion/migration rework
    We have had great help from the betas in redoing pop promotion/demotion logic and it is now much more responsive to sliders and conditions (read: less problems with clergy). Promotion and demotion are now using a literacy/needs-based system. Promotion and demotion choices rewritten, to reduce slider POP bloat and produce Artisans and Clerks as slider populations grow. Slider operation more responsive and intuitive, determined by level of spending and existing population. Migration has also been reduced and changed to emphasize internal over colonial and external migration. Targeting logic has also been expanded so that POPs tend to urbanize much better.

    Tech AI Improvements
    AI is now much better at selecting what technologies to research. We also rebalanced a couple of techs for a smoother progression in industry and less "prestige bubbles".

    New modding format
    This is a new format we have been working with in parallel with CK2. It should now work much much better than the old system and you should no longer feel the need to copy over the game and can keep settings and map caches separate without having to copy the game to multiple folders for each mod. It will require modders to change their main description file, but its pretty easy to do. An added advantage is that the system now supports loading multiple mods at the same time (selectable from launcher).

    Here is the format description (in a spoiler tag, so people who aren't interested in the details can skip it):

    Mods are put in the "mod" folder where you installed your game. Each mod needs a description file named "<modname>.mod" and some files.

    Format example for mod/coolmod.mod:
    name = "My Cool Test Mod" # name of your mod, shown in launcher
    path = "mod/coolmod" # location of your mod files 
    archive = "mod/coolmod.zip" # you can also put your mod directly in a zip file for easier distribution (you need this or path specfied)
    replace_path = "technologies"  # optional. if you want to repalce a path instead of just extend the files already in the base game (liek if you want to have completely new technologies)
    user_dir = "coolmod" # optional. creates a sub directory where settings/map cache/savegames etc can be safely written for your mod and not get mixed up 
    dependencies = { "someothermod" } # if you depend on another mod or dlc you can specify that here and it will get loaded first if the order is important

    And a whole bunch more stuff... a few highlights:
    • The 2.2 patch will include full translation to German
    • Assimilation should no longer happen so much in own cores
    • There is a lot more support for social reforms from your population late game. particularly craftsmen.
    • Lots of improvements to accuracy of 1861 scenario (donít ask for details please, its a long list and will be in changelog when we are done)
    • Fixed a pile of bugs, issues and balancing
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