• Magna Mundi Developer Diary #33 - Achievements


    Achievements in Magna Mundi are designed to celebrate the beating of certain direct game mechanics and all are attainable for all countries.

    Achievements in Magna Mundi are splitted between three categories that signal the difficulty of being attained. Some achievements have a certain edge to them: for instance, it’s debatable if reaching the top level of corruption is a worthy thing to celebrate. But we are all soft hearted here and we deeply believe in such circumstances the troubles the player will face need an incentive in the form of a nice trophy!

    Follows a list of Achievements, splitted by value:

    Gold Achievements:

    Fat Lion – Establish 5 monopolies at the same time
    Golden Doge – Establish 80 merchants in Centers of Trade
    Sacred Imperium – Own the following provinces: Rome, Thrace, Mecca, Karbala, Oudh, Yamashiro
    Eureka! – Reach Knowledge level 50 in all fields
    The World Owner – Own 300 provinces
    Poker! – Stay at Harmony, while being Honorable, enjoying a Stellar administrative Efficiency and displaying an Exalted prestige. All at the same time

    Silver Achievements:

    Fat Tiger - Establish 3 monopolies at the same time
    Golden Fist – Establish 50 Merchants in Centers of Trade
    The Godfather – Reach 100% Corruption
    Devoted Puppetmaster – Control the Pope
    Stellar Attitude – Reach Exalted Prestige
    Antichrist – Reach Abhorrent Status in reputation
    Balanced Scientist – Reach at least level 40 in all Knowledge areas
    The Match Maker – Keep 9 royal marriages at the same time
    Powermonger – Own 150 provinces
    As Pearls in a Necklace – Keep 10 vassals at the same time

    Bronze Achievements:

    Diligent Student – Finish 100 years of play of the tutorial
    Fat Cat – Establish 1 monopolies at the same time
    Golden Network - Establish 30 merchant houses in Centers of Trade
    Il Maffiosi - Reach 50% Corruption
    Sacred Realm – Control or own all the following provinces: Rome, Thrace, Mecca, Karbala, Oudh, Yamashiro
    Sacred Wirepuller – Control 5 cardinals in the curia
    Shinny Attitude – Reach Outstanding prestige
    Scum of the Earth – Reach Deplorable Status in reputation
    Framed Friend – Be Framed! 5 times in a game
    The Specialist – Reach knowledge level 50 in a single knowledge area
    Seven Dwarves – Control seven vassals
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    1. ltm6942's Avatar
      Pay and Play!!! Pay and Play!!! Pay and Play!!! I am really getting impatient... Can I buy a Ticket to beta test??
    1. opellulo's Avatar
      Ehm, i'm sorry to point out this: but what's the exact meaning of "Il maffiosi"? If it's italian it's wrong in both meaning and writing; if you refer to a mafia member you should use the form "il mafioso" (singular) or "i mafiosi" (plural), or it has another meaning?
    1. bosniandragon's Avatar
      I find achievements like this a real fun challenge and I personally love to pursue them in all games (if they're available).
    1. Raistlin82's Avatar
      "Il maffiosi" is an abhorrent grammatical horror. Sorry. As pointed out already by user "opellulo", you put a singular article together with a plural name. Additionally, the double "f" is totally out of place (it should be "mafiosi", or "mafioso") and suggests a quite ridiculous pronunciation.