• Magicka: The Stars are Left Q&A!

    As you probably know by now everybody’s favorite magical multiplayer massacre is taking on an all-new adventure in Magicka: The Stars are Left.

    Now you've got the chance to ask any questions you may have about the expansion. Why ‘Stars are Left’? What is the expansion about? Will Vlad mess it all up? Ask Magicka Game Director Johan Pilestedt & Paradox Producer Shams Jorjani almost anything and we’ll make a Q&A video of it. Go go go bananas!

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    1. unacomn's Avatar
      Will we see Wizards in space? And if so, can they breath in a vacuum?
      Also, will we be able to summon Cthulhu, so he can destroy all mankind?

      And, why is the title to the right, when the stars are left?
    1. Kitchingham's Avatar
      When will it be released? An estimated year and season will suffice (but further info is always appreciated), and I promise I will not take it as a promise, solemn vow or other contract, binding or otherwise (unless given as one).
    1. DarkChaplain's Avatar
      Aye, would also be interested in how many of the star gods we'll get to see.
      Cthulhu, Nyarlathothep, Shub Niggurath, Azathtoth... there are so many!

      Will there be jokes regarding Cthulhu Saves the World? I read on twitter that Boyd wanted to ask if you'd like some Cthulhoid help, might be fun

      Which of Lovecraft's works inspired you? Certain stories that gave you specific ideas for the Expansion?

      Oh, and how many giant spiders will be in? My Magicka-buddy isn't too fond of them and already announced she'd hide in a corner and let me slay them - just wanna know if I should start writing my Wizard's will already...