• AHD DD4 Party Loyalty and National Focus

    Hi and welcome to this weeks development diary. This time we are going to talk about some of the new mechanics you can use to steer the political landscape in your country.

    To do this we are introducing a new gameplay concept called Party Loyalty. It simulates both the "our family has always voted conservative!" phenomenon as well as how funded and organized certain parties are in your states. It effects how people vote during an election and is also in turn affected by the election, so if the conservatives won in your state they will build up some party loyalty because of their local success no matter the outcome on national level. As a player you can affect the party loyalty in a state using a set of new national focuses as well. Election events have also been changed to show more clearly what parties think and how much the decision will affect things.

    Speaking of national focuses we have been improving the interface for them and they now show in the outliner for a quick overview and things like colonization have progress bars shown on the map so it's easier to see how things are going at a glance. You are also able to set national focuses directly from production and population screens where states are listed.

    Next week we are going to talk about our nifty new message system. See you then!
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