• AHD DD3 – War Justifications

    Welcome to this weeks dev diary for A House Divided! This time we are going to talk about the new system for declaring war.

    Instead of the old system where you either have a casus belli or have to spend infamy to declare war you can now manufacture new casus bellis yourself. This is something that takes time and you can only do one at a time. The time it takes to produce a CB is dependent on a number of factors: relations, national status (uncivilized nations have an easier time to declare war on other lesser countries for example), your governments military policy, cultural tech level and the actual type of casus belli you want all matter. You can no longer declare war without a valid CB, but you will still be able to add more war goals once a war has broken out. If you lack CBs for this you will however accumulate infamy in the same way as before.

    While we are working on justifying a war only you and your allies can see what you are up to unless it is somehow detected. There is a daily chance for this in which case it will be know to the world (in a new tab in the diplomacy screen), giving your target time to prepare. During creation several events can happen that modify the speed of completion, both to make it go faster, or to really slow down your efforts. Things like your press reforms matter a lot here, so as a peace-loving democracy with free press don't expect to be able to keep your plans for conquest hidden.

    There are still going to be a few random events like border friction, but they will be much less common now with the new system.

    While we are on the topic we have also added some new wargoal types, you will for example now be able to declare war on your master as a puppet and fight for freedom. A chance to shake off the shackles of outside control and a quite nasty prestige hit on your old master (prestige effects will now scale instead of being a fixed effect so prestige modifying wargoals should still be quite potent late game from now on).

    See you again next week when we will be talking about some new political tools you can use as a player.
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    1. Pauly_Walnuts's Avatar
      Haaa! 'They're coming right for us!' Classic South Park.

      I like the new system, though I might be sad that I am no longer able to just go to war. Just gotta wait a few months, is all.
    1. ve3609's Avatar
      changing prestige to a scale? AMAZING!
    1. Thormodr's Avatar
      Looks good.

      Can't wait for AHD.
    1. King Size's Avatar
      A new patch we have to pay for? What the hell. I think Paradox should move it's slider to quality instead of quantity.
    1. DesertSnow's Avatar
      Will the available options depend on demographics?
      E.g., Will Russia be able to quickly create a "liberate Bulgaria" war goal against the Ottomans because they belong in the same culture group? (slavic, IIRC).

      Will you be able to "create" wargoals during a war? While I am already at a war with the Ottomans for the liberation of Bulgaria, I decide to turn my propaganda machine into the direction of convincing people that Romania also deserves liberation. If the process is completed, I can add "liberate Romania" to my war goals without increasing my infamy score.
    1. calebmarkle's Avatar
      For the rebel against your master when your a puppet is there a group effort available. For example if Morroco, Spain, Belgium and the netherlands were puppets of france. Could you organize a mass rebellion where it is all one war of multiple puppets at once. This I beleive would greatly increase the realistic fact that any massive empire will crumble as it has so many more people who hate it then those who support it. i.e the crumbling of the roman empire where multiple nations rebelled at once. So my question:
      Can you organize a mass casus belis thing for rebellion where we will declare war if the following countries or an ammount of countries will give support