• AHD DD1 – A House Divided

    Hello and welcome to the first developer diary for A House Divided, the first expansion for Victoria 2. From the title you're probably thinking two things:
    1) So the focus is on the American Civil War?
    2) Must everything about the ACW be called A House Divided?

    Well the answers to those are “No” and “Yes” respectively.

    AHD does not have any particular focus on the ACW, although it does include a new scenario which I will talk about in a moment, the main aim is to make the game better all round. We plan to improve politics, the economy, uncivilised nation's path to reform and modernisation, warfare, the UI, game speed, and more!

    As for the name, Lincoln really liked his “House divided” speech and stuck with it despite everyone he showed it to telling him it was going too far. He liked it so much that after the war he decreed all computer games based it are required to use his speech as the title*.

    Now, back to the scenario: The ACW scenario currently starts on July 1st 1861, the CSA is fully formed, armies on both sides are on the move, and the first real battles of the Civil War are about to take place.

    Sharp eyed formites might notice some bonus details in these screenshots too

    *= This may not be true.
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