• Sengoku - Development Diary #9 - Ninjas

    Hello and welcome back to another Sengoku developer diary. This week has been very busy as the team is getting the last features into place, and because of it today's diary will be a short one. As said at the end of last week's developer diary, today's topic will be ninjas.

    In Sengoku there are about twenty historical ninja clans present. Unlike other clans, these will not hold any land or titles, and will instead travel around Japan in search of a temporary employer who wants to claim their services. To increase the chance of one of these clans turning up in your domain you can give your Master of the Guard the task of recruiting them. Once a ninja clan show up in one of your koris, it will stay there for a period of time before moving on. During this time you have the choice of hiring them to perform one specific mission, such as assassinate or kidnap a character, rescue a hostage or weaken the defense of a castle in an enemy kori. Every mission will have a difficulty level as well as a discovery chance, and each ninja clan will have two stats that will determine how well they will perform these missions - ability and stealth.

    To defend yourself against attacks from ninja clans hired by your opponents, the intrigue skill of your Master of the Guard will be essential. The higher his intrigue value is, the better the chance is of a hostile mission not succeeding or being discovered. Should a mission go wrong, there is a chance that the employer is exposed as being behind the attempt. In that case the target character will have the option to sacrifice some of his own honor in order to expose the attacker and make him lose face - and a lot of honor. Should you feel really worried about being attacked you could also hire a ninja clan to act as your personal body guard.

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