• Sengoku - Development Diary #8 - Factions

    Hello and welcome back to another Sengoku developer diary. Last week never got one as Friday was a holiday but today we return and the topic is what was promised in the last dev diary: factions. Or more precisely, religious factions. At the start of the game there are two religious factions present in Japan: Shinto and Buddhism. Then sometime in the 16th century when westerners arrive, Christianity will be introduced and become the third and final one.

    Each of these religions have a building associated with them - Shinto Shrine, Buddhist Temple and Christian Church. Every province can hold one of these, and building one will increase your relation with that faction as well as give you a small unique bonus connected with it. If a clan's relation with a faction is positive, the clan leader can decide to officially support it, and in doing so will receive a bigger faction bonus. The clan leader who has the highest relation score, and therefor is considered being the leading supporter of that religion, will receive an additional bonus.

    But being officially part of a faction also means that demands may start to come your way. Either to build more religious buildings or tear down the ones from another faction... And while characters of the same religion will like you slightly more, those of another religion will like you less. Joining a faction is not mandatory though, and a clan leader can decide to not declare his faith at all. Instead he can try to balance all factions to gain smaller, but more diverse bonuses.

    If a character joins a faction it will be desirable to capture the position of faction leader. To do this will require a lot of time and money but it might also be a good idea to sabotage the position of another member. And there is when ninjas come in handy... But more on that next week.

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