• For the Motherland - Developer Diary 11 - Air mapmode, AI and Cameras

    Team For the Motherland didnít go to E3 this year, so we have been busy making a slew of small features and improvements instead of sipping piŮa colada and drooling over the latest Assassins Creed videos in LA. Here are a few of them:

    New Air Mapmode
    Seeing status of your air force has always been a bit lacking, so we have added a few things to help out in the air mapmode. You can now see your planes ranges around airbases and they are colored to show their total strength for that range.

    As you can see from the picture the close range fighters have been taking a beating while the long range units are doing fine. Hopefully this new mode should make it much easier to see how good your air coverage is.

    New Camera
    We have implemented a new camera that is much smoother and has everyone at the office's favorite feature: zooming to cursor. This means there is a lot less panning around, you quickly zoom out with the mouse, place it over the region you want to get a closer look at and zoom in and the camera will auto-pan there for you. Also, before you ask, there is a legacy mode option if you for some reason donít like this that will let you use the old camera controls.

    Allied Objectives Improvements
    Despite all the love on the forum for the Allied Objectives feature we felt that it could be improved Set objectives are now considered much more important by your allied AIs and they will focus much more closely on them. So instead of trying to help out along the whole Russian front where it deems it weak, for example, you will see the AI focus on the part of the front you specified. This means you as a player have to think a bit harder on where you place allied objectives too.

    Attack Delay Indicator
    Not being able to tell at a glance which units are waiting on the post-battle delay is a source of frustration for players who like to micromanage their units, so we have added a coloring feature to counters so you can see which units are currently waiting for this:

    Other small goodies and fixes this week
    • We fixed a long-term annoyance with the air reserve mission - now if you have a mission flying out from an airbase, and units of the same type on reserve in the same province, when a unit on the active mission falls below the str/org threshold set by the mission stance it'll be swapped with one of the reserve units so the mission carries on uninterrupted.
    • Some other small and helpful updates like tooltip actually showing you what is required to break a non-aggression pact and an alert warning you when one is about to expire have been added.
    • The breakthrough combat event now reduces attack delay to help you blitzing the enemy more effectively with fast units.
    • The collapse all button in the OOB browser now works as a toggle to collapse/expand all units to make unit organization easier.

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