• Defenders of Ardania Developer's Diary #4 - Multiplayer

    During lunch a few hours ago, a colleague of mine asked me how much of Defenders of Ardania's design I felt to be mine. I considered the answer for a few minutes. The list of remaining bugs, the features we have highlighted and those we have left out, and the tests left to be run during the last few days all crossed my mind. Instead of answering the question, I was left in a curious state of mind. I looked back on the last few months of work, and the first moment when the whole office rejoiced at seeing a Steam pop-up window that displayed some seemingly insignificant words:

    I thought about the first enemy unit that was not sent by the AI but by Daniel, sitting in the far corner of the room, and many other similar events that led us to this point.

    And where is “here,” exactly?

    Well, the last few weeks have been spent developing the multiplayer features, which may be the most enjoyable part of the entire process. During this time, development itself is like a multiplayer match, where there are constant skirmishes between the inhabitants of the coder and design realms, who march to the fields of the meeting room and fight their battles. The former try to rationalize the lumbering, while the inhabitants of the latter cut wounds again and again on the plans of the enemy with their double-edged weapon of creativity.

    The result? Chaos in the office, the appearance of multiplayer modes in the game, and the sense of anticipation until the day the first entries appear on the multiplayer leaderboard of Defenders of Ardania. Added by you.

    I guess it goes without saying that in the multiplayer modes, there are mostly two or more players helping or fighting each another. The maximum number of players supported is four, depending on the game mode and the level.

    The player's objective in a classic Tower Defense game is to defend, but in Defenders of Ardania, players can also send and manage troops. So basically, you build towers and send units against the enemy’s bases and towers.

    The game itself provides many avenues of strategy, depending on the units sent, the towers’ build type and placement, the spells used, and the various upgrades. The real excitement is the great number of possibilities provided by these elements, based largely on your own creativity. Victory might be won by a steady, level-headed strategy, or it might happen that your next opponent is better and that your only chance lies in a quick surprise assault.

    Let’s see what this all means in the case of Defenders of Ardania:

    FFA: Classic kick-ass game mode where everyone is against everyone. May the best win!
    Two versus Two: Also a classic. Two teams against each other.
    Team Survival: Very similar to single-player survival, with the difference being that two players can join the fray against the AI's armies. You cannot send units, however; the objective is to survive the waves of assaults for as long as you can by building towers. You have to pay extra attention to the well-being of your teammate because if either of you die, the game is over.
    Sudden Death: Compatible with any other multiplayer game mode. Turning it on critically weakens the bases' defenses, and they will be destroyed if even one enemy unit gets in. Go, rushers!


    We have separated the top lists for the single and multiplayer modes so that everyone can have it their way. Single-player lists are based on points that are mainly bound to the objectives of a given level, while the multiplayer leaderboard reflects the performance of the players against one another.


    Every single level of the campaign will also be available in multiplayer mode. Naturally, the four-player game modes will not be accessible on the two-player levels, but we hope that among the 18 levels of different sizes (six of them for four players), difficulty, and settings, you will find some to your liking.


    We strive to satisfy the need of the gathering lifestyle from ancient times with these little medals that are now a crucial part of today's games … and a part of our real lives as well. You can expect a dozen of them in Defenders of Ardania.

    Points of Interest

    These are areas found all over the levels that somehow influence the game. These can be found in both single and multiplayer, but in certain cases it is possible that they will work differently. The tide of even the most fierce battle can be turned by a sudden thick fog that hides units, or if someone should be first to find the level's strategic points.

    Thanks for your time!
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