• One-feature-a-day articles: #4 Exploring the Heart of Africa (and more!)

    In 1850, there were still a lot of lands that were shrouded in mystery for the western powers. These lands, mostly in Africa, but also in South America or Siberia, regularly attracted bold adventurers, motivated by a variety of goals: fame, riches, genuine interest in meeting new people or uncovering geographic features, to cite a few. The presence of colonizing powers in many of these areas went gradually from a few merchants dealing with the natives to the establishment of outposts, trade companies and then the seizing of land.

    It was thus a continuous and progressive process most of the time, spanning decades sometimes. In Pride of Nations, it is possible to uncover the terra incognita that reigns supreme in these areas, thanks to the usage of exploration parties. These parties come in no less than 4 flavors. The basic form, called quite simple exploration party, can uncover a region adjacent to it that is unknown. More advanced expeditions are also available, but can be costly to create, like a Geographical or Anthropological expedition. So if you want to trace your route toward what will be named Lake Victoria (unknown in 1850 and thus not shown on the map!), youíll have to explore progressively several hostile regions. Hostile because of the harsh climate but also because of the natives here, who often donít appreciate your intrusion into their lands.

    These lands were indeed not devoid of people, on the contrary. Many tribal or feudal kingdoms existed there. In PON they are part of a group of nations called Tribal&Feudal. These countries are able to muster troops very quickly, but most of the time in limited numbers, and are quite able to dispose of your exploration party, or even nearby military outposts, should you press them too hard. Luckily for you, they are constrained to remaining in the land where they have their own people, so you wonít see them rampaging in pacified countries.

    Another group of nations in Pride of Nation is the unorganized group. Here youíll find China, the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Persia and some others. They can do a lot of things and progress in technology, but they are far from being able to compete with the rapid pace of advances that benefits the western powers. These countries can be the target of a few actions from you, but not to the extent of a tribal country. You can for example set a trade post in China, or seize railways or customs in Persia, but thatís it. You wonít transform Teheran into a colonyÖ However, you can negotiate diplomatically with Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, Shah of Persia and secure a passage right or even a defensive treaty, while still seizing his customs, for good measure!
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