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    Generals and officers

    If you are not familiar with the AGE engine, then you are in for a nice surprise with Pride of Nations, regarding the men in command of the armies and fleets of your nation! The leaders are defined primarily with 4 statistics. I won’t talk in detail about the ratings used for military operations here, but I would like to call attention to the fourth one, Seniority. Seniority is something you’ll love to hate .

    Leaders can be promoted to new ranks (mostly from corps commanders to army commanders in PON, but you can get an occasional ‘colonial leader’ or ‘division general’ to promote to corps command). The trick being that corps commanders expect to be promoted with the most senior one first - and not your favorite son, even if he is good on the battlefield. So you’ll often have the tough choice to either promote first some old incompetent fool, and satisfy the hierarchy, or upset everyone and promote first the competent young dog that proved he was good on the battlefield. The choice will be yours though, and should you decide to focus on the competent but unknown generals, then the old ones will lose face (and you some prestige) and will be less arrogant next time. So if you are willing to pay the cost, you can still decide the direction you wish to take.

    Generals are also replaced by others because of losses (or retirements). Here an automated system kick in that draws replacement generals from a pool of historical figures. This novelty for the engine will ensure that over the 70 years or so of the game, you keep a constant pool of leaders, with your base expanding over time generally. And then you have the Commander in Chief. This man is the highest-ranked general of your nation, and he can provide nation-wide benefits, should you station him in the capital.

    Finally, officers. Troops when recruited need conscripts and officers, more or less depending on troop quality. Sometime when you need to replace quickly losses you have suffered, you’ll have no option but to recruit lower quality units, because you lack officers while conscripts still abound. Luckily for you, you can train up more officers if you manage to build one or more military academies. In Pride of Nations, most of the major nations of the world can do that, and you’ll be pleased to know that they have their special graphic too, for better flavor in-game.

    Each major nation has custom graphics for Military and Naval academies.
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