• FTM DD3 - Misc stuff

    DD 3 Misc stuff

    Hello everybody, welcome to the third FTM DD. We actually planned to give you a video DD this week, but it's taking longer than expected to be wrapped up (even though Podcat did all his own stunts), so instead I've hastily cobbled this together carefully selected a few minor things to show off.

    First up, the last of our battle scenarios, Operation Unthinkable:

    It's not quite done, but this shows the scope of the scenario. The decisive campaign will be fought in Northern Europe, although events in the off-map areas may affect what reinforcements you get. The goal of the Allies will be to quickly defeat the Soviet armies and lift the Iron Curtain without getting into a prolonged war, while the Soviets can win either by kicking the Allies out of Europe or simply by holding out for 2 years.

    Next up we have the infamous Hamhung Black Hole, the supply depot that drains all of Japan's supply and fuel. Admittedly this is a bug-fix, not a new feature, but we thought you might like to know we've fixed it. There were a few issues that combined to cause it, but they've been resolved, and we added some code to the Auto-convoy function so that it'll ship back excess supplies from overseas areas. Also, although it's not normal practice, we plan to back-port this into a SF patch so you won't need to buy FTM to get it. I ran a quick game as Japan today to test it, and it looks pretty good. Here's the stockpile after my war with China:

    Another little change we made was how the supply bar on a unit works, it now shows how many days of supply are left in the current province:

    (And yes, I will fix the typo there)

    Finally, we have fixed a couple more bugs that might interest you:
    Upgrading units can no longer result in bonus manpower, and resources shipped in from overseas areas are no longer doubled.

    Come back on Friday for a bonus (totally serious!) DD on the tech tree.
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